Illusion of Fantasy by UK International London Beauty School

The Republic Day of India is celebrated every year on January 26th on this day, a grand Makeup, Hair, beauty & nail art show was held in the UK international beauty school

UK International London Beauty School featuring a display of different country’s traditions as well as some imaginary makeup and hair styles as well as our show stopper representing India’s tri color on her body in the form of creative makeup. The day is marked by 20-25 models from all the departments, with the CEO and the director of UKIBS hoisting the national flag and giving a speech. The Fashion Show also includes a display of Creative makeup, Dresses made by Playing Cards, Papers, recycled materials, duplicate hair etc.

Students represented their department by doing creative, fantasy and country’s traditional makeup, by showing nail art, tri color on their model’s hair, using tri color fruits as jewelry and creative head gears with international advance hairstyling. Some of our students have also participated in dance, singing and other cultural activities also cultural groups of India as well as a display of military strength. There is a grand march past in the form of a fashion show ramp walk that is held on this day. This is one of the spectacular programs that are held on this occasion.

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