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In today’s world everyone lives a fast-paced life that pushes us to work harder each single day so that we can all achieve our goals. But during these rushed times, sometimes we need to take a break so that all the worldly tensions doesn’t take a toll on our mental or physical health.

Entertainment is a method that puts off our worries for some time and helps us relax. And watching movies is one of the best ways of entertainment. If we take a close look, there is a cycle in the process of making movies. The plots of the movies are picked up from the society, then shown to the people who learn something about it and then the teachings of the movies are implemented back on the society. 

For example, the movies that revolve around social evils like Padman or Toilet- A Prem Katha, they tried to prove that there are just stigmas, and in the movies, they show the solution and how they should be dealt in real life which inspires people take a step and make the change.

But there are again ways that might impact the audience in a negative manner, Especially the teens who are at a stage when they can be easily influenced. It is important that they see the right kind of movies, which helps them learn and understand various things.

Emotional release

This is a positive impact of movies, especially for those who aren’t very expressive about their emotions. The movies stir their emotional side. After a sad movie, there is a chance that we will feel happier because it makes our problems seem smaller and we appreciate things in our lives.

Critical thinking 

Movies are great simulators of critical thinking, while watching movies from genres like horror, thriller, sci-fi pushes our brain to critically analyse the situations and crack the mystery. And there goes the saying that thinking is to brain, what food is to body. 

Don’t try at home 

In many films there are scenes that show dangerous things and they are created under the supervision of technical experts or VFX. however, children and kids don’t understand this and try to imitate them at home which can be highly risky. It should be taken care that they are well-explained about these things as keeping away children from movies and scenes is difficult with the world shifting online. 

Psychological effects 

There is always a risk that children might watch something on the screens which might scar or impact them negatively. Watching violent stuff makes the children more aggressive which reflects in their behaviour and if not corrected and stopped at the right time, the degree of such violence could multiply badly impacting their lives. 

There are several other ways how movies can affect their audience.

Though movies are a great way of entertainment, it is important that we choose the right kind of films to watch. It surely is beneficial in many ways but can also have a negative impact. It is crucial that we pick up the good things of movies and learn from the consequences of bad things.

By Debasnata Nayak

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