Stepping into the 21st Century when the world is changing so fast and rapidly, nobody has time to pause and take care of their health. In such situations, the environment takes care of you by adding up to the efforts you put into your wellbeing. Living in a city, we hardly find any greenery around us. With tall buildings and vertical concrete jungles, it is necessary to have some interaction with nature daily to keep yourself grounded in nature.
BY Namitha Chiluveru | Director 360 Life

The only way to incorporate nature into your day-to-day life is by adding them to your home interior space. It is scientifically proven that smaller house plants help in reducing stress levels and bring in joy.

A study was conducted where several people were asked to do some computer-based tasks in two different environments. One was a regular interior space, the other was filled with indoor plants. There was an evident difference in the productivity of people in these two spaces. The people sitting in the interiors surrounded by plants were noticed to be more productive.

When you have plants inside your house or office, they create a more soothing environment, calming, and comforting to the user of that space thereby reducing stress and improving health. Few house plants generate more oxygen and help purify the air. This purified air then ensures a good night’s sleep. Hence small indoor plants on the sides of your bed bestow better sleep quality.

Studies have also established that there are plants that filter out toxins from the air. So when there is a smoker in the house, such plants are very helpful. They clear out the toxins from the air leaving the space fresh and pure enhancing the experience. Especially when you have children around you, the plants will ensure the well-being of your kids. Since these kids are breathing clear air from a very early age, they will naturally reduce the risk of any allergies or lung and heart-related diseases in adult life.

House plants also reduce the chances of catching a cold. The indoor plants not only increase humidity in space but also remove air-born dust particles which eventually bring down the chances of catching a cold and help in case of a blocked nose. These plants also counter headaches by filtering out the gases causing the headache.

Office spaces require cultivated green areas to bring down stress levels, increase concentration and provide healthy rest to the eyes. People get a safe and healthier escape from their boring work life. Plants help in mood enhancement which eventually increases productivity. Plants of different colors, varieties, shapes, and sizes add to the aesthetics of the place.

Even though there are all these positive effects of plants, one needs to be very careful in choosing plants especially if you have children or pets around the house. Some plants are harmful or poisonous to pets and kids if not paid attention to. Hence one has to be careful in choosing the varieties of plants which is safe for every user. Sometimes these plants also get infested by pests. In that case, we need to take care of and maintain the plants properly through organic fertilizers and pesticides to secure the health of plants. Some plants help in getting rid of some insects like mosquitos, and house flies and purify the air.

So, all in one, there is a wide range of varieties in house plants or indoor plants, from which you can choose which plants you want in your usable space. As per the need of the space and the user group one can easily choose the correct house plants which will guarantee the well-being of everybody.

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