In Conversation with actress Arjumman Mughal

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Q–1 You have transformed yourself completely. Gaining 20 kgs for a role, and reducing back from 68 kgs to 48 kgs for your next role in the respective movie. What is your perspective about fitness ?

Ans- Firstly, it is always easy to gain but difficult to survive, since I gained I use to feel tired all the time. and It’s much better that I reduced. As I eat like, nomadic people now, i don’t mix things I just boil or heat & eat raw eatable stuff, anything like meat or vegitable just boil eat with salt and chilli’s, a blend of carbs protein and fibre together is balance. I work out everyday, wherever I am. I prefer Yoga, gym, dance or any other form of exercise. Since I was a teen model I believed in following a consistent fitness regime, because it boosts creativity, confidence, and resilience, at work and in personal life as well. There’s no avoiding it, moving your body or keeping yourself active, is good for your career. & By doing the same, you make your heart and lungs stronger, build muscle in your legs, tone your abdomen & shoulders. You actually transform yourself into that person who looks fit and never forgets anything. Now I m habitual of doing stretching exercises regulerly. my body automatically requires stretchings in every 2 hours. If you do any kind of workout regularly your body gets habitual of doing the same. I try and explore memory exercises also to keep my mind active and proper. I use certain techniques or hacks for sharpening it. By recalling and remembering what commendable I have done throughout the day, we need complete balance between body mind heart and soul. 

Q- 2 How do you keep up the energy and never get effected by rejections? 

Ans- I just get out of my comfort zone and try to seek inspiration and learn from my fresh experiences in life. I seek inspiration at unexpected places mostly. I take a walk around the area, I talk to Rendom people with purity and seek happiness in every situation. I travel and I explore life. By putting myself in new, intriguing environments, I try to keep myself at the top of things, which keeps my brain activated and present. I never let myself get into the energy draining monster thought. I keep Patience. And remember nothing is more important then my health and my life. If not this project then there will be another one.

Q- 3 What is you’re style of working? As everyone is different?

Ans- I understood the value of building healthy relationships in a real way, when face-to-face connections and conversations go deeper and deeper just like the deep sea. meaningful, conversations can create great ideas. The connections you make and the ideas that spring forth could change the course of your career.  Just keep meeting the right people, rest everything comes chasing.

Q- 4 How do you deal with people who offers you particular such work, which you don’t want to do?

Ans- Since my childhood, I am habitual of saying ‘ No at first’ and people think I’m crazy They don’t understand me. They think ‘focus’ means saying ‘ Yes ’ to the things you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not what i think at all according to me. It means saying no to the many other good ideas that are there. But do the ones you’re committed to do and stick to your purpose. What you want to do. I know that I can’t do everything in one life, be everywhere, and help everyone in just one day; or in this life. I can’t take every project, attend every party, or agree to every friendly “can I use your mind request.” I choose my battles carefully and avoid spreading myself too much. My policy for fielding requests in my life is, no greed. you will get what you deserve, when someone asks me to do something, I ask myself, “What is my main focus right now? followed by, “Will saying ‘Yes’ to this request help me to achieve that main objective of mine? or will saying ‘Yes’ make it harder?

Q- 5 What do you think about mental health and how you cope up with it?
Ans- I feel that our indoor lifestyle is contributing to a wide range of health and behavioural problems. So I keep unplugging myself. I distance myself from electronic devices around me, which means , no emails, no social media, no phone no tv no devices. That time is meant for my renewal, it renews my mind, body, and spirit. Technology is miraculous, and I really appreciate it but we should be able to have unplugged time that is essential. I’m ambitious and very passionate about my profession, my acting jobs are my real source of happinesses. I’m very punctual and professional , I do things which my heart says ‘go for it.’ To survive, my professional successes are also important, that is also the reason, I have to be energetic and have a fresh and agile mind all the time. I connect with nature and outdoors, I allow the beauty of the environment to sink in since nature offers replenished energy.  

Q-6 What is the most important thing to gain the energy like you and work hard?

Ans- Evenings: You must be knowing the power of morning routines to set yourself up for a productive day. But finishing your day off the right way sets you up for a high-energy, productive, and creative tomorrow.
Before going to bed, I first do stretching which releases the stress and circulates my blood and then I have a shower. Then I eat the right food which keeps me fit for healthy sleeping, after that I write my articles and then I write, What good have I done today?  It gives me more confidence and internal energy to feel good about myself, it even helps me to keep a check and a good record about myself. Whenever I see my progress I feel motivated . It makes me feel good about myself. One more thing ‘SLEEP’. “Our creativity, ingenuity, confidence, leadership, and decision-making can all be enhanced simply by getting enough sleep specially at night. When you sleep your body repairs at night only. So Paying attention to your evening routine and sleeping at night on time, primes you to wake up the next morning, feeling refreshed and restored, so the next day you can achieve more comfort, peace and happiness. 

Q-7 What is the most beautiful thing in your life?

Ans- My parents I go for Vacations with my family, where I cut off myself from all the professionals and personal issues. I take a break from my work, friends and relatives, everybody but excluding my parents. A vacation which is meant for spending quality time with my family is the most beautiful thing in my life. Making my parents happy makes me the happiest person. I want to do something or I want to earn money or I have to take care of my life. It’s all for my father and mother. I go for vacation for small or long periods just to be with them and enjoy the real purpose of life. I love my parents the most.

Q– 8 You have played diverse roles whether it’s Pazhaniappa Kalloori, Ya Rab, O’Pushpa I Hate Tears, or your upcoming film 3 Shyaane, how do you get into characters ?

Ans- Personally I keep taking CLASSES  to learn new things. I don’t exactly know what I can do and what I cannot, but when I do things, I get shocked to know that I never knew I can do this also. It’s because I keep learning all the time, being an Actress and model, there is a hidden pure leader within me which is my soul.
For the rest of my life and in my career, I choose to pursue all type of education for lifetime. My educational life will end with me. Acting which is larger then life being my profession is part of this education. as everything is an art. And everyone is an artist on their own way. art has no age no beauty and no time boundaries. When I’m not shooting I keep learning something or the other by taking classes, of dance, acting or anything, possible but learnings. It maybe learning to play the violin or taking classes of lawn tennis. learning more new techniques and the nuances of acting. life coaching, psychotherapy, a theater workshop, visiting school, colleges to explore & promote education. Reading writing or watching stories. Whatever be the good learnings, it gives me happiness satisfaction or some new experience.
Whatever time I’m investing in mind, body, or spirit; it’s all going to contribute to my professional success.

Q-9 How do you connect with people and from where you get this confidence? 

Ans- Most of us feel awkward or afraid of talking to new people. Maybe I look stupid but I believe in being confident and going ahead in order to talk to anybody standing nearby, if I think it’s worth talking. I don’t care about being insulted or disrespected. We are all humans. Money is for us we are not for money. So everyone is just a human, everyone needs happiness and comfort to survive. So nobody is small or big we are all the same humans. They may treat you badly but don’t mind it doesn’t effect bcoz they are not thinking the way you are so all are different human beings, all will react differently so just ignore the bad and pick the good one. do you’re work with loyalty. And shine confidently, Keep listening or taking to new people ,seeking out intelligent people and chatting with them, can be eye-opening. I’m always drawn to people who are really good at what they do, like world’s best actors, painters directors, writers, doctors entrepreneurs and teachers. I choose people to talk bcoz I’m selective listener.
If I meet someone involved in something, I know nothing about, I’m intrigued and inclined to ask a lot of questions, without fearing that my enquiries are too basic or stupid (Which makes me feel stupid also about myself ) but it leads me to my next tip ….

Q -10 When you are not acting how do you manage to survive financially ?

Ans- As my main focus is acting and im a professional actress. I’m a very positive person, and I m always attracted to positive roles. I feel that I haven’t received enough right roles which suits me well till now. hence in order to survive in the show business, u don’t need money it’s all false news. Everything is provided by production or the people invite for the events. To meet my finances I do fashion beauty and fitness modeling. Where I do lot of jwellery garments and product shoots.
Due to my confidence, & frankly speaking behaviours I get lot of new and upcoming brands ads too. Basically I’m not money minded but I need the balance between my own self satisfactions and the other side of whole world. To survive comfortably(until I become a mega star):), I shall never fail inside. I’m a winner and a warrior My financial failures never affect my internal system. 

Q-11 What is that secret you want to share with the world? And your wish is?
Ans- A secret about me is that I’m a big fan of movies and I want to act with all the big stars like Hritik Roshan amir khan Akshay Kumar shahrukh khan.

Q- 12 What is the most important thing for progress in life.

Ans- Time, bound the time, I’m very punctual since my childhood. In every ad or film Mostly i work with new staff everytime. So always They have to be punctual too bcoz I’ll be on time. so realise the value of time,come on time work properly and finish it on time. Then go home and spend your time with family, friends and relatives or you can create more ideas, the more time you have the more you can extract. Managing time means managing  your life. So value time and spend it on the things which are giving you a thing in return.

Lots of love peace and happiness to the readers of The Asian Chronicle.

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