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In talk with Author of ” Unbecoming -The Way Ahead”

In today’s times, we need to remain optimistic and remind ourselves that we spiritual beings, and who would be better to discuss this with, than Arjun, author of a highly recommended book, about allowing ourselves to witness all that is around- ‘Unbecoming -The Way Ahead.’ Let’s talk and know more about his journey writing the book as also his perception on life.
|| Interview by Sneha Prakash

Let’s begin with a brief introduction of yours and an overview of your book.

My name is Arjun, and Unbecoming – The Way Ahead, is my first book! I’m writing a few books currently. As a child, I had many gifts, that I was not very enthusiastic about. Clairvoyance, telepathy, clairsentience and Clair cognizance can make one’s life, quite difficult, if these are not properly channeled. The book takes the reader on a journey, the journey of my life! It is an autobiographical work and can be used as a Self-Help book. I also talk about the major shifts and happenings, globally.

What inspired you to write your Book? Is there any event which turned you a writer?

Trying to lead a normal life was a bigger struggle, and I even trying to move to different cities and countries, in order to find peace and love! By the time I learned the truth about life, I thought of writing about my experiences in life, my spiritual journey. I wished to share it with everyone. That’s when I decided to share my life, all of it, with people. Reading the book will also help many in their lives.

What was the most common response you got from the readers? What was the most difficult part to write in your novel?

Since this book is infused with powerful mantras and divine love energies, most reviewers have reported wonderful experiences. This is more of an experiential read, and not just for those who want to finish a book quickly. This book contains channeled messages from the Angelic Realm, and so I only had to write what was being told. I’d sit 7-8hours, just writing. These were the most beautiful days of my life.

What is the most important thing you discovered about writing a novel in your journey?

Allowing yourself, to be the medium or channel of Divine Light and knowledge and allowed oneself to flow naturally. In fact, most authors are just writing what their Angels are guiding them in writing their books.

What is your favorite genre as a writer and reader?


What will be your reaction if you’re told your book is getting converted into a movie?

I’d be elated. We need movies about the spiritual Truth to teach others all here are Spiritual Beings.

What would be your answer to those trying to understand the mystery of life?

As a Spiritual Teacher, who was taught life’s truths through tough and difficult situations, and listening to one’s intuition, I have experienced that awakening the inner guru, is quite simple. When others will know this, then, they will lead a more genuine and magical life, replete with insights and lessons to be shared with all.

Why are natural disasters happening? Is Covid19 a natural disaster?

Man has not learnt who he is, why he is here! We have taken up more than we were meant to. Animals are forced to retreat and remain in forests. What we have forgotten is all are meant to be part of this creation. We must all live in harmony. Now, when Man starts to take more than he is meant to and is not grateful to the Divine / Mother Nature for whatever is provided, then, Nature shows her might. Natural disasters occur only to remind man, he is just a passer-by. This is not our true home, see? Covid19 is a man-made experiment, that had gone wrong. It is something that was never anticipated. Besides, it has nothing to do with washing hands or covering your nose/mouth. It is in the air. It’s air-borne and will affect people any which ways, despite precautions.

What must children be taught? What are your views regarding education?

Well, one thing must be accepted and known as a fact, and that is, children know better than adults! They are more receptive and sensitive to energies and nature. They are enlightened beings. Only, adults feel they are more knowledgeable and better than children. They view children as being immature and think they are unable to take decisions on their own. This is very wrong. Examinations in schools have led to the death of many children, as cases of child suicide is linked to this. I myself had found it a tremendously harrowing experience, to sit for three hours and write an exam. No! This must change. Besides, to force students to study by rote is a useless expectation. They will grow to be robotic in nature, with no sense of emotions, creativity or even reasoning abilities, since they are asked to accept and not question, what is taught. Well, this has changed in some schools, and, with the coming of coronavirus, social distancing has literally been a blessing in disguise, at least for children. They don’t have to go to schools! But it’s sad, even in times where being alive is an uncertainty, children are now being taught online! It’s a shame, we have chosen education over life! We have not known life. We have not known what it is, to live life.

How has the government been tackling the disaster?

Well, India is a failed democracy! Nobody is ready to accept this, but that is the truth. Besides, as Aristotle had said, democracy does not really take into consideration the good of all. It can only benefit those in power. So, unless citizens see this, and do something collectively, change will not happen. Very little media companies are truly genuine and want the best for the people of India. It is high time; citizens see they are being duped. They themselves are blindfolded by the rhetoric way of speech, by the powerful, and so they have nothing to say! All will change, in time.

What is your dream?

My dream perhaps can never come true, as the laws of the material world can be very conflicting. Here, duality exists, and everything has two sides. Thus, peace and joyfulness will never prevail here! Well, not unless every human being is compassionate, awakened and passionate about life. Life can never be static, it must continuously evolve, change, transform. So, dreaming of a blissful, peaceful and spiritually awakened state of existence for all, is just fiction! Besides, we come here on Earth only to learn lessons, so, this is not our true home. We are pure consciousness, nothingness!

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