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For the last several years, pollution in Delhi & NCR reaches its alarming level and in November-December, the government and the appropriate departments only express their concern but not before it.

||Anjan Kumar Samal

PHOTO-The Financial Express

It is very important to aware that only in these 2 months government and authorities reflect their concern but all other 10-11 months in the whole year, the government and authorities mere show their laxity and responsibilities.

The same has happened this time. 

The EPCA has declared an emergency when pollution levels in Delhi rise tall. The panel constituted by the Supreme Court has declared a public health emergency in  Delhi & National Capital Region and has banned all types of construction works till 5 November.

After that, the Delhi government also turned bound to close down all the schools in Delhi.

EPCA President Bhure Lal has written a letter of order to the Secretaries of Delhi and Haryana in which he categorically informed that pollution in Delhi NCR has reached dangerous levels which is lethal for citizens who live here and especially this is immense harmful for children, women and Senior citizens.

PHOTO-The Asian Age
Who is responsible?

Now the question arises that,

who is responsible for this increasing pollution day by day?

Are we responsible for this? Or is the appropriate authority’s laxity?

Or the government which is unable to strictly follow the rules due to lack of its political will?

It is not like that there is no law related to environmental protection in our country. We have also effective laws of pollution. In which, along with water pollution, air pollution, and environmental pollution, there are also good laws on the issue of noise pollution. The main problem of increasing pollution is that neither the government nor the authority intends to follow the guidelines and take stringent action to get rid of this poisonous environment.

When the pressure of the Supreme Court came last year, the fear of following the laws related to these in the NCR was shown to the general public in a dramatic style. Such sections of IPC were discovered by the police which proves to help control pollution.

Every year our administration sits like a mute spectator but when the month of November approaches every year, the administration wakes up as if a saviour to save the people of Delhi & NCR pollution ridden environment.

The administration isn’t able to see diesel autos emitting poisonous CO2 . ,does not see diesel autos moving around  which emits smoke. The Himalayan height of the population within the area of Delhi & NCR seems has not caught under the scanner of concerned administration.

What Does the Law Say?

 If we talk about the laws on pollution control, then there are so many good and effective laws on pollution control in our country that if they are strictly followed, then the increasing pollution can be controlled in time. Whether it is noise pollution, water pollution, or air pollution.

The only way to get rid of pollution is to strictly follow these rules and laws.

Often, one of the most important for all the above problems of pollution is the lack of political will.In the absence of this will power, the government is not able to take strict action against the public causing pollution and the departments those concerned with this.

The Pollution Control Act provides for stringent punishment for violating the law or spreading pollution. Then whether the pollution is spread due to the common man, due to a government employee or because of a private company.

The laws that have been provided by which culprits of this skyrocketing pollution can be imprisoned ranging from 6 months to 5 years along with fines of lakhs of rupees.

But all these are not possible in the case, the administration is not able to follow the law along with the non-seriousness mindset of the government. Which are the main cause of igniting the level of pollution more and more?

PHOTO-The Tribune

Piles of Garbage, dumping of construction materials, etc. happen due to lack of local administration’s strictness and corruption which is directly responsible for increasing pollution. Whether it is a mountain of garbage in Delhi or a mountain of garbage on the Banwari plant in Faridabad, near Gurgaon, the administration is also directly responsible for it.

 The government, therefore, should show it’s seriousness by put forwarding strict orders to all the concerned authorities and along with by spreading awareness to add common men and public representatives in a systematic way to curb this ascending level of pollution. 

Is not the increasing pollution towering a serious health hazard in front of each common man in this country?

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