India has been a votary of peace and non-violence from time immemorial: Vice President

The Vice President of India, Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu today met the President of the Congress of the Republic of Costa Rica, Ms. Carolina Hidalgo Herrera at San Jose. Emphasizing that Costa Rica is an important partner of India in Central America, the Vice President said that India and Costa Rica have close and cordial ties, based on our shared commitment to the pursuit of democracy, pluralism, multiculturalism, freedom of Press and equitable human rights.

Shri Naidu highlighted India’s areas of strength that Costa Rica can benefit from, including Information Technology, Biotechnology, Space Technology, Pharmaceuticals, hydroelectric generators, power plant equipments and railway construction.

Observing that there was immense scope to deepen ties between India and Costa Rica, the Vice President underscored the importance of a sustained conversation between elected representatives. He invited Parliamentary delegations from Costa Rica to visit India.

The Vice President also attended a Luncheon hosted by the first Vice President of the Republic of Costa Rica, Ms. Epsy Campbell Barr. The two leaders discussed topics such as youth empowerment, promoting tourism, healthcare, financial inclusion, e-governance, Space Program, early childhood education programs, public transportation and e-mobility.

The Vice President addressed the Indian Community of Costa Rica in San Jose. He complimented the members of the diaspora in Costa Rica for the esteem that they have won for themselves and India because of their high professional competence. The Vice President spoke about the phenomenal growth that India has been witnessing in the last few years and suggested that the diaspora can further accelerate India’s growth momentum.

The Vice President said that India has been a votary of peace and non-violence from time immemorial.  He strongly condemned the destructive forces of terrorism that continue to be a festering challenge, distracting our attention from development. ‘Peace will not thrive if the forces of terror continue their unchecked run’, he asserted.

Shri Naidu opined that the battle for peace includes, in the current context, the battle against terror, corruption, climate change, illicit money and arms flows and drugs menace. He said that the United Nations should evolve a common strategy to combat these forces and that countries supporting terror must named, shamed and isolated.

Speaking from Costa Rica, a peace loving country and reflecting on the current violent incident at Pulwama and India’s pre-emptive strikes on terrorist camp run by UN Proscribed terror organization, the Vice President called for a united, global response to the pervasive menace of terror. He expressed hope that if all the countries in all of the world can speak with one voice against terrorism, we would be successful in creating a more peaceful world in which we lead meaningful, peaceful, happy lives free from fear and violence. ‘The fight against terrorism is a fight that has to be fought collectively. It is a fight that must be fought to the finish’, he added.

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