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India is the fifth most dangerous country in regard to Migration

This survey has been done on the trends of migrating citizens in 64 countries across the world.

|| Dharmendra Singh

At one hand, where India is dreaming to reach on the Moon, on the other hand, a survey which was conducted by ‘ Expat Insider’ has declared publicly that India is the fifth most dangerous country in the world in regard to migration.

This survey is completely based on interviews of people living abroad or working in the rest of the world. The names of countries like India and Pakistan are not far in this list.

Apart from India, many other countries have names in the list. Brazil ranks first in this. While in second, third and fourth position are South Africa, Nigeria and Argentina respectively. India is in fifth place after these countries.

This survey has been conducted on the migrating citizens in 64 countries across the globe.This survey has been conducted on 20,259 citizens who have left their respective countries and presently doing works in other countries. People took part in this survey have claimed that safety and security are the biggest issue to leave their countries.

The questions were asked in the survey were divided into three parts,  based on peace, personal safety and political stability.

Most of the people who have migrated from these countries and settled in other countries told that it is right to flee due to the growing fear in their mind.

In the context of India, an Indian who adopted Australian citizenship claimed that in India , the thinking of common men in regard to a foreign origin woman is really quite different.

In such a situation, a foreign woman absolutely feels unsafe during her stay in India.

Apart from this, hard-line politics, social tension and extreme pollution are also some major concerns for which many people of India intend to leave the country.


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