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The special investigation team of India Today News TV channel unprecedentedly has cracked upon JNU’s real ringmasters behind the hooliganism in the recent past by a sting operation. A confession tap owned by India Today TV claimed of having proof concerning the campus attack by outsiders.
|| Anjan K Samal

 Even this report widely contradicts the claim of HRD Minister of the Country in addition to Delhi Police.

Who were those masked Goons?

Who is responsible for this vandalism?

This video tap reflects the claims of ABVP supporters who were present and ignited hooliganism inside the campus by beating left-wing students.

As per the JNU VC, the server room was ransacked and shut down by a bunch of left wing’s masked men but as per the investigation of India Today, the laxity of administration led to shutting down the server center of the JNU campus.

Concerning all of those masked goons, India Today’s special Investigation Team identifies categorically all about those masked attackers.

As per the investigation, one of the key attacker Akshat claimed clear and loud that there were as many as 20 ABVP activists who were specially called on from outside the campus.

In this matter, the Delhi Police also tabled its investigation. In this investigation, Delhi Police categorically blamed Left-wing student Leader AISI GHOSH and her led group along with blamed mere 2 students of ABVP who were engaged in attack and retaliation among themselves inside the JNU campus.

This unprecedented issue of masked goons attack inside a well-secured central university broke out a wide debate across the country. Still, the republic of India awaits the facts on ground zero on that black evening inside the JNU campus.


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