India views all countries as equal partners: Rajnath Singh

||Amisha Airen

The defence minister Rajnath Singh,  hosted a Defence Ministers’ Conclave called “SPEED” on Tuesday morning at the Taj Westend in Bengaluru as a part of the ongoing “Aero India” event, which is India’s biennial aerospace exhibition. 

In his remarks, he declared that India views all countries as equal partners. “We wish to create symbiotic relationships where we can learn from each other” he added.

Singh also urged for coordinated efforts to address urgent security concerns, such as the threat of terrorism, in a speech to his counterparts from several nations at Aero India. The defence minister stated that India has always chosen a collective approach to countering such security concerns and does not believe in handling them in the “old paternalistic or the neo-colonial paradigms.” 

India has always supported an international system based on rules, according to the defence minister. He continued by saying that India has never been a closed country and has always been receptive to unique ideas from across the globe. He claimed that India has become a hub for global ideation due to the mixing and competition of various ideas there. He claimed that Aero India offers an opportunity to the aviation and defence industry, including the aerospace industry, a chance to present their goods, technologies, and capabilities to all the national decision-makers. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday officially inaugurated  the Aero India event. 

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