Indian Army Innovate A Solution For Quick Conversion Of Oxygen

Debasnata Nayak// There was an exponential demand for oxygen and Oxygen cylinders in the second wave of COVID-19 in India. A critical challenge that was faced by all the hospitals managing covid patients was to convert the oxygen that was transported in liquid form in cryogenic tanks to gas form quickly.

Under the leadership of Maj Gen Sanjay Rihani, a team of Indian Army Engineers took the initiative to find a solution to this problem. To execute the innovation that would make oxygen available without the use of gas cylinders so that there wouldn’t be a need to refill them frequently, a specialized task force was put together.

With direct consultation and material support from the CSIR and DRDO, the team of army engineers brought out a solution usinvaporisers, PRVs and liquid oxygen cylinders in just seven days. The team made use of a self pressuring oxygen cylinder of small capacity, a specially designed vaporizer was used to process it and a directly usable outlet pressure (4bar) with requisite leak proof pipeline and pressure valves was used to ensure constant conversion of liquid oxygen into gas oxygen.

At Base Hospital, Delhi Cantt, prototype of two liquid cylinders which are capable of providing oxygen to 40 beds have been set up. To cater to the shifting requirements in hospitals there has been a test of the mobile version. As it obviates high gas pressure in the pipeline or cylinders it does not require any power supply to operate and is economically viable and safe. It is also capable of replication within less time.

This reflects the sheer dedication a commitment of Indian Army to promote innovations and finding simple and practical solutions to the most difficult problems.

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