India’s First Fixed-Wing Air Ambulance; launched by Karnataka CM

“The need of the hour is to save lives,” said the Chief Minister of Karnataka, BS Yediyurappa while launching the country’s first integrated air ambulance service in Jakkur aerodrome, Bengaluru.
|| Evlyn Ann

The service will be run jointly by the International Critical Air Transfer Team (ICATT), an air ambulance firm, and Kyathi, an aviation technology firm from HAL Airport, Bengaluru, which makes it the first air ambulance based out of South India.

ICATT-Kyathi’s fixed-wing aircraft, combined with helicopter and land ambulance services, is capable of long-distance medical emergency transportation and provides last-mile connectivity. The state-of-the-art German isolation pad enables the meticulous transportation of Covid-19 patients. It also helps in overcoming the delays due to heavy road traffic thus ensuring speedier assistance.

Speaking at the inaugural event, Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa revealed that the introduction of the integrated air ambulance service will ensure not only quick medical assistance but also high-quality care delivered by senior doctors and paramedics trained in critical care, while in flight. He also appreciated the felicitous decision of the firms regarding the location and time chosen.

Dr. Shalini Nalwad Co-Founder and Director of ICATT, commented on the importance of improved emergency medical services throughout the country to meet the needs of the hour and future. “Being the only air ambulance service providers with medical know-how and expertise, there could be no none better than us to understand the relevance and need for integrated services and we are happy that we have finally launched this, more so at a time when the need for emergency medical care has been at an all-time high,” she said.

Further, Dr. Rahul Singh Sardar, Co-Founder, and Director of ICATT. added, “Our team of doctors and paramedics are certified in Fellowship in Aeromedicine and  have undergone the world’s best training in critical care, pre-hospital emergency, ECMO, and Helicopter Emergency Medical Services(HEMS), enabling us to offer top-of-the-line medical care and assistance in times of emergency”

Dr. Ashwath Narayan C.N, Deputy CM of Karnataka and Sri. B. Sriramulu, Minister of Health and Family Welfare, also stated that the service will further strengthen the state’s health care infrastructure and that it is a remarkable addition to Bengaluru’s world-class set of healthcare providers.

ICATT’s successful transportations; 63 domestic transfers, 10 international transfers, and 7 organ transfers and the significant role played during the Kerala floods, combined with the recent advancements in the air ambulance, guarantees an efficient and volant emergency medical assistance to the country.

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