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The Up govt led by Yogi Aditya Nath has completed it’s Two and Half years. But unfortunately, it seems the YOGI SARKAAR is trying it’s best to save ‘BABA’(Saint Chinmayanand) not even a hope to save ‘BETI’(Daughter) of Uttar Pradesh.

|| Anjan K Samal

As even after the intervention of nation’s highest demiurge, the rape accused SWAMI Chinmayanand was not arrested for a long period after which the victim turned bound to urge the law and order of the country that she would like to kill herself by burning.

Photo-Deccan Hearld

After which Chinmayanand, at last, was arrested from his so-called ‘Mumukshu Ashram’(The Ashram of Salvation) on Sunday. And the rape accused saint turned Political leader also agreed that he himself is in the viral video in which people of India have seen him messaging his body in the state of fully naked.

Many reports in this much sensational rape case put forward a sour truth due to laxity of UP Police the arrest was done in late.

Chinmayanand. a saint of 72 years was also in the position of Home Minister(State) in the then Vajpayee’s Cabinet. He has been elected many times to Lok Sabha from. A College named Swami Sukhdevanand post-Graduate College is run absolutely under his guidance and supervision at Shahanjahanpur in Uttar Pradesh.

One girl student of this college alleged that Swami Chinmayanand has recorded some illicit video of her without her knowledge to blackmail. In fact in this row of blackmail, Swami allegedly raped her after blackmailing again and again for a year.

Photo-CNS News

As per the convict, this illicit matter of fact initiated from the Month of June 2018. After some days of convict’s admission in the said college, Swami Chinmaya Nand offered her a job in the college library. Swami Chinamayanand was well known about the girl’s poor financial condition. So finding no way she started working in the college library where she was admitted to study. In October 2018, the college administration put pressure on the innocent girl to shift to the college hostel for the sake of her duty in the college library. After some days, Swami Chinamyanand himself called on this girl to his Ashram.

Astonishingly, the so-called saint showed her a video in which she was bathing in her hostel with the room completely in the bare body.Than, Chinmayanand warned her to viral the video if she will not his bed partner.


Even many students of this college are all known that Swami Chinmayanand has relentlessly called on her to have a naked body massage.

After July 2019 the story of Blackmail turned with a twist when the convict herself decided to be in the video while messaging Chinmayanand by a secret Camera which was attached with her spectacle.

She with all of her courage decided to unveil the sour truth about the rape accused Swami Chinmayanand to the society of this country where both the state and central govt. relentlessly utter ‘Beti Bachao –Beti Padhaao’.In the month of Aug. 2019, she left the college. On 24th Aug 2019, the girl did upload a video and alleged Swami Chinmayanand. She also filled the complaint but it was found that initially, the UP govt has shown an immense laxity for which the arrest of Swami took a long time.

Shahjahanpur: BJP leader Swami Chinmayanand, accused of raping a student being taken for medical check-up in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh. (Photo: IANS)

Then the case reached the door of the Apex Court of India. Many Women lawyers also personally wrote a letter to the CJI to take up this case for the sake of justice to this girl whose rights war clutched under power politics.

The Supreme Court ordered to form an SIT to UP Police to investigate into this matter. On 8th September 2019, SIT initiated an investigation into this case of rape.SIT officials started questioning Swami Chinmayanand from 12th September 2019. On 14th September the rape victim did hand over the PEN-DRIVE to SIT in which all the allegations were in real video pics. In this Pen-drive, there are as many as 43 videos of Chinmayanand with her in illicit situations.

Photo-Malayala Monorama

On 18th September the girl again turned towards MEDIA after SIT getting late in the final investigation and arrest of Swami Chinmayanand.SIT in the name of justice even charged Chinmayanand as per some soft sections of CRPC.On 19th September, Swami Chinmayanand was found, getting out of a Hospital’s ECG Center.

At last the so-called Saint was arrested by the law of this nation on 21st September 2019 and sent to 14 days judicial custody.


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