Prithvi Ambani’s first day of School: Proud Parents want him to lead a grounded life

It’s a proud moment for the Ambani family as PrithviAkashAmbani, the first grandchild of Mukesh and Nita Ambani, is going to attend his first day of school today. His parents, AkashAmbani and ShlokaAmbaniwant him to lead a simple and grounded life. Prithvi will be attending Sunflower Nursery School. It is the same nursery school in Malabar Hill, Mumbai, where both of his parents, Akash and ShlokaAmbani, went for their schooling.

It’s a big day for the Ambanis and so, all the preparations are done keeping Prithvi’s security in mind. There will be a doctor with PrithviAmbani at all times so that he remains safe. According to the sources, the security for Ambani’sfirst grandchild has been kept very discrete. They will be present in civilian clothes and would be spread across the school area.

Both Akash and ShlokaAmbani are hands-on parents. They are investing time, energy and efforts in multiple areas of their child’s life. For their son Prithvi, they have employed about 6 specially-trained nannies and caretakers who be with him at all times.

PrithviAmbani, who is referred to as Prince of India, will be taking his first step towards a bright school life.The School will be treating him like any other normal child. We wish little Prithvi all the very best for his first day of school.

Mukesh and NitaAmbani’s son, AkashAmbani tied the knot withShloka(Mehta) Ambani, the daughter of diamantaireArun Russell Mehta, MD of Rosy Blue, in a lavish ceremony in the year 2019. Akash and Shlokawelcomed their first child, PrithviAkashAmbani, on December 10, 2020.

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