Jaipur Metro To Resume Services From Third Week Of September

After 5 months of the pandemic, Jaipur Metro has finally decided to resume services from the third week of September. On Wednesday, the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing Affairs released the Standard Operating Procedure for the Metro rails in different cities.
|| Shubh Mathur

The Union minister made it clear that Metro rail operations will be resumed in a graded manner from September 7.

“Those Metros which have more than one line will open different lines from September 7, in a calibrated manner, so that all corridors become operational by September 12. The frequency of trains will also need to be regulated,” he said.

The central government has put out the prerequisites before the restart of services, like-
  • Stations in the containment zones will not function
  • Face masks to be made mandatory
  • Thermal screening prior to travel
  • Adequate dwell time should be provided to ensure social distancing protocols are followed while boarding/de-boarding.
  • If authorities find that social distancing rules are flouted, then the government will have to review the current arrangements.
  • Use of Aarogya Setu app is advised.

Metro authorities are prepared to sanitise the entire train every day and have also drawn markings to ensure social distancing. Paddle sanitizing machines have been installed at every station to make the travel hygienic for the commuters. Although the train will be sanitized before the start of the day, the continuous touch areas like lifts, escalators, railings and stairs will undergo sanitisation every 2 hours.

An official informed that they have decided to open only one side of the entry and open instead of the usual two sides. One entry will, certainly, help the authorities monitor social distancing effectively. Moreover, anyone found not wearing a mask will be fined with Rs 200. Posters spreading awareness about the virus will be posted on station entry gates, in lifts and near stairs.

Bhaskar Sawant, Chairman and Managing Director, Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation said that the metro will start functioning fully by the end of the September. He added that Commission of Railway Safety, Mumbai has approved the metro rail extension from Chandpol to Badi Chaupar and now, it will take only 26 minutes for the commuters to reach Badi Chaupar from Mansarovar after the line begins functioning. At present, 20,000 people use Metro every day.

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