Journalism and Mass Comm: Skills Required, Career Opportunities and Job Roles

In this information driven world, the rapid digitalisation can be seen in all the sectors. The role is more critical when it comes to journalism and mass communication. Students pursuing a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication get a unique opportunity that opens doors to various rewarding and adventurous career opportunities. This course equips students with knowledge and practical skills that benefit the students and the industries.

|| Dr. Ruchika Gupta

The following are the benefits of pursuing BAJMC-

The Digital Age Adaptability-

The degree of Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication helps one to learn and know more about the use of technology and help evolve skills needed to navigate successfully in various fields.

Communication Skills

The power of communication is well known, effective communication skills open a wide range of doors for students beyond the media.

Impactful Storytelling

Storytelling is an art, whether it is reporting, ad campaign, or crisis management- journalism is all about storytelling.

Social and Global Awareness

This degree allows you to explore social, political, and global issues to enhance and understand the world positively while contributing towards raising awareness to facilitate societal changes.

Networking Opportunities

Various networking opportunities like internships, class projects, events and research work help students to make contacts with the industry experts to have advanced and secure job opportunities.

Career Paths after pursuing BAJMC-

Graduates can pursue careers in various fields, including:


One may become editor, correspondent, reporter in any print or digital magazine or publication or tv outlet.

Public Relations (PR):

Can be a good media planner, communication manager, PR specialist for governmental and non-governmental organizations.


The creative mind-sets may enter in the world of advertising as creative director, executive, and copywriter.

Digital Media:

Many explore opportunities in content creation, digital marketing, social media management and web journalism.


Career in electronic and radio media as anchor, producer, or scriptwriter.

Corporate Communications:

It manages internal and external communications for business organizations.

According to Dr. Ruchika Gupta, Dean at School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Noida International University-
Dr. Ruchika Gupta, Dean BJMC NIU

A Bachelor degree in Journalism and Mass Communication opens doors to a wide range of fulfilling career prospects. In a time where information holds immense significance, the abilities acquired in this program are highly sought-after in various industries. Whether your interests lie in narrative crafting, media creation, or strategic messaging, this qualification can lead you towards a meaningful and influential career. Embrace the influence of communication and start a journey that offers both personal development and the chance to influence how information is disseminated and understood globally.

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