Just an another political contrivance to mute down truthful voice of a Media House:The Daily Star


An Autocratic Mindset that Blocked a truthful New Publication’s Website in India’s Neighboring Country, Bangladesh.

The Telecommunication authority in Bangladesh ordered a favored Daily ,’The Daily Star’ to be blocked more than 18 hours on June 1 which is strongly condemned by the International Federation of Journalists(IFJ).

In this unfortunate scenario of blocking news Website is absolutely not acceptable in this Modern Democratic world  for which in a defending mood in support of the said Media House , International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) also joined hand with the Bangladesh Manobodhikar Sangbadik Forum(BMSF).IFJ urges the appropriate authorities to refrain from such uncivilized Censorship.

Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) by issuing official letter instructed the International Internet Gateway(IIG) to block the URL of the News Website of ‘The Daily Star’ in the night of June 1 2018.

The website of the popular daily The Daily Star, was blocked for more than 18 hours on June 1 following an order from the telecommunications authority in Bangladesh.In this particular matter the appropriate authority of International Internet Gateway (IIG)stated, “As decided by the commission, you were directed to block the following URL. But if it is not possible to block the specific URL then you are directed to block the domain at your IIGs.”

The IFJ urged: The IFJ is seriously concerned over blocking access to The Daily Star website in Bangladesh by the telecommunication authority. Blocking of the website is clearly an act of censorship aimed at denying the public access to information, and therefore should not be carried out arbitrarily by the state. The IFJ urges the Bangladeshi authorities to refrain from shutting down websites in future.”





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