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Kamala Harris and Indo-US ties

The US on Friday hailed the long bipartisan and successful relationship with India as Indian-American Vice President Kamala Harris further cements the ties between the two nations. President Joe Biden, who has visited India several times, respects and values the long bipartisan and successful relationship between leaders in India and the United States.
|| Akshinta Das

The press secretary further added that Kamala Harris, who was elected as first Indian-American vice president of US, is a historic moment. Biden says,“The first Indian American to serve as a president or Vice President is truly a historic moment for everyone in America.

Kamala’s elect as Vice President is also historic, as she becomes America’s first female, Black and Asian Vice President. Democrats and civil-rights advocates celebrate Harris’ historic election on Friday, saying her background will inspire younger women, Black and Brown Americans.

“Bringing Black and South Asian representation to the table, her lived experiences as a woman of color and a daughter of immigrants will offer a point of view in the White House the likes of which this country has never seen,” Christian Nunes, the president of the National Organization for Women, told Business Insider.

Neil Makhija, the executive director of the Indian American organization Impact, said Harris’ election would “supercharge the political engagement of the Indian American community” and send a message to “a new generation of young Black and Brown children that they belong, and that in America, anything is possible.

“A generation of Indian Americans made this country their home because they knew it meant anything was possible for their children,” Makhija told Business Insider. “Today, the daughter of one of those Indian Americans proved their faith.

Christine Pelosi, a Democratic operative and daughter of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who attended law school with Harris, told Business Insider that Harris’ election “ensures a seat at the table in the Oval Office for communities never before represented there.”

The Democratic presidential ticket on Friday morning reached the 270 electoral votes required to win by flipping the battleground states of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, according to projections by Decision Desk HQ. The Democrats could expand their electoral-vote lead as Georgia and Nevada continue counting ballots in their very close races. Biden and Harris had won over 4 million more votes than President Donald Trump as of Friday morning, a lead that’s likely to grow as states finalize their results in the coming days and weeks.

Harris is no stranger to making history.

Born in Oakland, California, to parents of Jamaican and Indian descent, Harris attended Howard University, the historically Black college in Washington, DC, before becoming the first woman and Black person to serve as San Francisco’s district attorney and California’s attorney general. In 2016, she became just the second Black woman and first Indian American ever to serve in the US Senate.

Harris established one of the most liberal voting records in the Senate and was particularly outspoken in her opposition to the Trump administration’s immigration policies, calling on Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen to resign in 2018 over the administration’s family-separation policy. And she leveraged her prosecutorial experience when grilling top Trump administration officials and Brett Kavanaugh during his Supreme Court confirmation hearings.

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