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Kashi: Corridor of Spiritual Rejuvenation

Not only the Kashi Vishwanath temple, but with the development, revival and expansion of the entire Kashi city; Kashi will get a new identity in the whole world. By becoming a symbol of nationality, it will become the strong base of a powerful India. This will not only provide a lot of convenience to the pilgrims going there, but will also give dignity to a symbol of faith and civilization shrinking in narrow circles. With this, not only Kashi, but the entire country will move towards a bright future. While inaugurating the first phase of this complex, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has made every Indian proud and this is the feel of self-faith, self-culture and self-existence in a grand and graceful manner.
|| Lalit Garg

India’s cultural splendor has been unmatched in the world, but due to so-called political interests and narrow-mindedness, instead of bringing this glory in front of the world, there have been constant attempts and conspiracies to forget it. It is a fortunate moment that now the faith has been awakened to give new shape to the new dreams, and then we are getting to see the environment and intention to protect life values and cultural heritage and build a new India, which is auspicious and bright. It signifies the rise of prosperous India. Now we have started realizing our self-consciousness, self-culture, nationality and self-identity. In which there are golden shades of personal, community, social, cultural, religious, national and global values.

It is well known that BJP’s promise of revival of the three shrines of Ayodhya, Mathura and Kashi is very old, but the mentality of looking at the expansion and revival of Kashi Vishwanath temple complex only from a political point of view is not in the interest of the country. It is a different matter that the assembly elections are approaching in Uttar Pradesh, so the explanation of this event is getting more from this point of view or efforts are being made to give it a political colour. But no one can deny the fact that due to the kind of encroachment and illegal occupation around Kashi Vishwanath temple, the dignity of this religious place has been diminishing day by day, as gradually so many houses and shops occupied the place.

The way Vishwanath Dham was being neglected gradually due to commercial pressure, as the lanes to reach there were becoming narrow, in the same way the attraction of Kashi was also getting affected somewhere. It used to be a difficult task even for a single man to pass through those streets. Of course, Kashi is famous for its streets and many people see its beauty in it, but the streets there could not be called proper from the point of view of security. The widening and beautification of the streets leading to the Dham seemed impossible, but with the determination and noble intentions of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, this task was accomplished. He has rightly said that nothing is impossible if we think about it.

There were many obstacles in the way of this project of the Prime Minister like shops, people were displaced, some religious places were also strongly removed, some people are still protesting for political reasons, but result in the form of a grand temple complex is in front of the world. Once there was a bomb blast in that area, since then the streets leading to the Kashi Vishwanath temple were considered dangerous in terms of security. Now not only is freedom from these dangers, but the dignity given to Kashi is a miracle, a wonder, which can be said to be possible only for a person and ruler like Narendra Modi.

One resolution can spread the light of lakhs of resolutions if someone starts a courageous effort to take determination. A meaningful campaign to fight against darkness, obstacles and disabilities was started in the year 2014 under the leadership of our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. During the tenure of his second tenure, pleasant and successful echoes are being heard; some time ago we saw the scene of the foundation stone laying of the temple of Maryada Purushottam Prabhu Shri Ram and now the development of Vishwanath Dham in Kashi. Modi has expressed in his tenure so far how a government can change the direction of the country with its decisions, how it can keep life safe and healthy by defeating the great disease like Corona.

How can save the economy from collapse, how can warn neighbouring countries while protecting the boundaries of the nation, how self-culture and values can be emphasized. Therefore, any initiative for the development of religious places and pilgrimages like Kashi, Ayodhya, Kedarnath must also be praised. Full credit should be given to Narendra Modi for the wonderful and unique aura that has emerged in Kashi.

Whether it is Kashi or Ayodhya or similar scenarios of religious and Cultural Revolution – they look strange and shocking. The message given by Narendra Modi from Kashi should not be seen only from the point of view of electoral profit and loss, but should be seen from the point of view of a growing nation. It is of special significance for him to say that the inferiority complex that India was filled with due to centuries of slavery, today’s India is coming out of it. This position is particularly proud. Indeed, there is no doubt left here that this government is changing the country and the society, raising the standard of living of the people.

Modi knows his critics very well, so he has rightly said that today’s India is not only beautifying the temple of Somnath, it is not giving shape to the age-old dream of the temple of Shri Ram in Ayodhya, of Baba Kedarnath Dham. Not only doing the renovation, Baba Vishwanath is not only giving a grand look to the Dham but is also doing the security of the borders very well, is also laying thousands of kilometers of optical fiber in the sea, is also building a medical college in every district, to the poor. It is also providing well – built houses, making unique arrangements for employment, medical, and education. Meaning the current governance-heroes have a coordinated concern for heritage and development. If there is concern about Hinduism, then development is also concerned. Now that the lamp of reform, good governance, self-culture, and self-identity has been lit, then its light will give new confidence, a happy lifestyle to all the countrymen.

Apart from being the centre of faith, Kashi Vishwanath Temple is also a unique specimen from the point of view of architecture. As Modi has said, Kashi is Kashi! Kashi is imperishable. There is only one government in Kashi, those who have ‘Damru’ (associated with Lord Shiva) in their hands have their government. Who can stop Kashi where Ganga changes its current and flows. Therefore, the development and identity of Kashi will attract the world; foreign tourists will come in large numbers there. Before Modi, this Kashi was given cultural splendor by Queen Ahilyabai, kings of different princely states. All the developed and culture sensitive countries of the world have been paying serious attention to the policies related to the protection of their heritage and to facilitate the access of tourists to them.

Whereas our governments have often been seen to be indifferent in this matter. This irony and anomaly of governance is being removed, it is also the need of the hour and there is also a great need for national development. What we live in is civilization and what lives in us is culture. Culture has chosen the human mind and human body as its safest place to live and wears the clothes of human values, but today human beings i.e. so called political people are ignoring those values, breaking them; only for narrow interests, for votes. Because of this the character of the country has not been formed. Now efforts are being made to build national character and if this is a rectification of a big mistake then it should be welcomed.

A new kind of eloquence has been growing steadily out of narrow political causes, based not on any eternal values but on imagined ideals of deviance. In which everyone wanted to be the hero, no one the character. Who would have benefited from such a social system? Everyone has been making their own, everyone has nothing. And in this process of frenzy, on hearing the name of the culture of unity, hands used to get up to pick up the gun or break the country. Then humanity had reached the cruel, inhuman and poisonous paths. They could not argue, so they used to take up the gun. This was the climax of intolerance towards the culture of dialogue. Now there is dialogue and culture is also salvation, it is the foundation of a strong and new India.

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