Kewal Kapoor launched calendar on Tulsidas

New Delhi. After showcasing an interesting series on famous poet of 16th century Goswami Tulsidas, Kewal kapoor has come up with his another magnificent project. This time he has launched a calendar on Tulsidas. He has showcased some of the very rare images of the great poet. Interesting part of this project is that these images are not available either on internet or anywhere else. As per Mr. Kapoor, Tulsidas is known as a great litterateur and the creator of epic shree Ramcharit Manas. But apart from this he has written some very magnificent literature such as kavitavali, dohavali, hanuman bahuk, parvati mangla and ramlala nehechu to name a few. It’s been said that Tulsidas got the privilege to see lord Ram in the flesh. People recites his dohas by heart. With his devotion and excellent writing Tulsidas became the household name and created a niche in people’s hearts. But there are hardly one or two images available of his persona. Infact there are no pictures available to visualise him in his childhood and adulthood.

Kewal Kapoor is a well known name in advertising, t.v. and digital world. He has accomplished a lot in different areas. Speaking about his digital series he says that more than 64 episodes shall be released in coming 4 months. Talking about his experience journey during this project he said, “during my research on Tulsidas I sensed that not enough images are available of this great poet. I felt the urgent urge to make him visually available for people.” It’s sad that in today’s changing times, symbols of our religion and culture are banishing from our homes. So, his aim is to spread knowledge and information about this excellent poet and litterateur in every household. And to makes this dream a reality Mr. Kapoor created Tulsidas calander.

“We don’t have real pictures of Tulsidas. All available pictures are based on pure imagination. Thus, in our calander also we have tried to visualise him with the art of imagination.” There are 12 pages in this calendar and every page depicts him in different stages of his life. “Apart from this digital series, we have been working on something big about the great poet. Which shall be announced soon”, he further added.

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