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Lancination by BJP’s own

The Historical political journey Bhartiya Janta Party initiated with mere two Loksabha seats that ultimately turned the party to reach till the absolute Majority in 2014.

||Limte Khare

Also, there has been a BJP government in many states. Before the 21st Century, Old Veterans had great control over the various issue in the inner circle of the party.

But in the second decade, except the front row of BJP, Leaders in the bottom line of the party are absolutely indiscipline and dominating in nature.

The BJP has been considered an ideal political party in the country with great political ethos, but after observing their representative’s relentless irresponsible and controversial sentiments, people of the country feel the lack of political philosophy kicking the democratic ethos of Incredible India. Also, the Republic of India realizes the stagnation of BJP’s real ideology.

The latest controversy is about none other than, Bhopal MP Sadhvi Pragya, who has created headlines by her argument to rethink the top brass within the party forcefully that the killer of Gandhi, Godse as the real patriot and son of this great soil.

BJP MP from Bhopal, Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur, has a deep and sinking connection with controversies.

Controversies have often arisen over whenever she puts forward a statement in the temple of democracy(Parliament). Her recent past’s lovable statement for Nathuram Godse during the winter season of Loksabha once again felt the heat of uproar inside the house.

Nobody is even surprised at the statement given by Sadhvi Pragya as people feel it as her born character. If she had stated some other place in her public rallies, there would loudly be clapped hardly have been by her followers. But she may have forgotten that her statement is being given in the largest and highest ‘panchayat’ in the country’s democracy.

, Where the statement is taken on record, it has importance. But in this matter of fact that her statement has been omitted from the parliamentary proceedings.

During the discussion on the SPG Amendment Bill on the last week, DMK MP A. Raja when uttered some statement relating to Mahatma and Godse, in the meantime Sadhvi with extreme enthusiasm loudly termed Godse from his seat that Nathuram is a Patriot.

As the matter was inside the biggest ‘panchayat’ of the country, it was only natural to create a ruckus there.

Before making a statement to Pragya Thakur, it must have been considered that an arbitrary interpretation of a chapter recorded in history in which Nathu Ram Godse as the killer of Mahatma Gandhi is remembered only for his villainous characters.

After this whole incident, amid the uproar inside the house,  BJP has tried to give a message that such things cannot be tolerated. Consequently,  Pragya Thakur was removed by BJP from the Defense Advisory Committee of Parliament.

Even before this, such kind of meaningless and anti-democratic views was also put forward by Sadhvi from time to time. The BJP’s top leadership seems to have been delayed somewhere to take steps, due to which the BJP’s anger is also marked.

About five months ago, Nathuram Godse was declared as a patriot by Sadhvi Pragya, even then she was warned by the BJP’s top leadership. Even after this, her thoughts could not change, the result of which is repeated.

Sadhvi Pragya Thakur was fielded from the heartland of the country(Madhya Pradesh) in the Lok Sabha elections by the BJP. Sadhvi Pragya also had defeated Raja Digvijay Singh who is a  strong leader of the Congress party. Sadhvi Pragya has been popular for her controversial statements before the elections. In the direction of stopping her, even the top leaders of the organization were not very worried.

In the seven decades after independence, how Mahatma Gandhi has been presented from textbooks to other places in front of people of India cannot be denied that Bapu’s sacrifice, Penance and truthful satyagraha will be ever in the minds of every citizen of the country. These Sacrifices cannot be forgotten or wiped out from 125 crores Republic of India’s heart and soul.

Knowing what Sadhvi Pragya is trying to prove or establish by making arbitrary interpretations in this way, only she knows that, but it is seen that many times such plans of her were demolished by her government in the center.

After independence, the Congress has ruled the country for nearly half a century. Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Indira Gandhi, etc. have been continuously glorified under Congress rule.

Today, the image of all these leaders in the hearts and minds of our senior citizens or the minds of our aging generation remains very bright, immaculate as if some valuable nation building leaders.

Overnight the works of these leaders cannot be forgotten at any cost. If someone does such an exercise, then surely he/she will be observed as an image of a villain among the public.

Efforts are being made by the Central Government to make Congress leaders as if their own.

The plan to end Congress’s monopoly on these leaders was being woven quietly by the BJP by installing a huge statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in Gujarat.

Not mere this, the BJP government in the center relentlessly has been advocating Bapu’s dream idea of ‘Swachh Bharat’.

By hijacking the congress party’s historic leaders, BJP also has been achieving the success of spreading a positive image of the party into the minds of the people of India.

But due to such a mistake of public representatives like Pragya Thakur, one should not be surprised if there is a negative impact on the BJP’s image.

(The author is the editor of the news agency of India.)

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