Lata Mangeshkar raised voice against deforming Original Songs

The Golden Voice in the world of song and music , Lata Mangeshkar  did antithetic of making REMIX SONGS of old super hit original Songs of Bollywood. Particularly  she did  slam and opposed adding of extra and  new words  in a vulgar way  with old super hit song which feds the original song’s meaning as well as Lyrics.

She clearly urged that it is absolutely hampers and deforms  the beauty of original songs and concerning the issue she even talked with an another Bollywood Veteran , Javed Akhtar.

The illustrious and legendary singer has been strongly opposing Remix since it’s time of evolutions.

Lata using her power of pen did post in a social media raising voice against the rise of Remix Songs hampering the true meaning of original old songs.

In this regard she further did post ,”Maintaining the original form of songs is a good idea to present it in new surroundings. As an Artist, I believe that many songs have tune that every Artist thinks that given a chance , they too would like to feel it but to distort it is completely wrong .I have heard that is what is happening today.”

She further urged ,”Distorting the original tune of the song, making changes in words , or adding new and cheap words , when I see that happened I really feel pained.”

The veteran singer , Lata Mangeshkar also was honored by the Nation’s highest civilian award ‘Bharat Ratna’ in the year 2011. So it is also duty and responsibility of all the concerned agencies and authorities of our nation to look into this matter of worry for her .

In an advice to all the Music Composers  of such Remix Songs , She told via her social post ,”It is a good idea to present the song in it’s original form.By doing so the beauty of original song and it’s meaning will be sustained. The new generation will surely like such songs.”

In this fray of original song and Remix , she further stated,”I believe that the record of keeping the Purity of Hindi Cinema and the ability to solve the problem properly is the responsibility of the recording companies but the sadness is that companies have forgotten . These Companies should fulfill their responsibility to music, in stead of commercially looking at the cultural heritage of the country, it is my humble request to them”.


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