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Leonardo’s ‘Lost Masterpiece’ Can’t Be Found Because It Was Never Created, Specialists Claim

Researchers have been attempting to discover Leonardo’s “Lost Masterpiece” for years – & now, several specialists are claiming the search will never be accomplished because the masterpiece doesn’t exist at all.
|| Maithillee Zaveri

At a conference held by the Uffizi Galleries in Florence on October 8, art chroniclers Roberta Barsanti, Giancula Belli, Emanueula Ferrriti & Cecilia Frosinini dispensed analysis that they claimed verifies to the fact that the Leonardo work is not supporting a wall in Florence’s centenaries – conurbation lobby, the Palazzo Vecchio, as several have already recommended.

Their investigation goes in oppposition to 10 years ‘ worth of work by the analyst Maurizio Seracini, who has proponents for high – tech practical testing that would possibly divulge the fresco’s existence.

Key among the chroniclers’ discoveries – which were released in 2019, in an Italian book are scientific delineates that would propose that The Battle of Anghiari,  a tremendous battle site that the Leonardo is believed to have contracted to paint in 1503, could not be under a wall because it was never painted initially.

They state the way the artwork was produced, utilizing a procedure entailing a layer of gesso & oil, rendered it unfeasible to execute – Leonardo couldn’t have made an artwork because the paint wouldn’t hold.

“ This procedure which was always thought to be part of the artwork was alternatively signified for the preparation of the wall prior to the paint,” claimed art chronicler Francesca Fiorani. “ Since the procedure to prepare the wall was not effective, Leonardo never painted on it. This implies that Leonardo’s battle survived only as a cartoon never as an artwork on the wall.”

Moreover, the art chroniclers stated at the Uffizi exhibition, a close scrutiny of the evidences of stains found underneath the Palazzo Vecchio wall recommends that something was once there, but it may not inevitably be the Leonardo. Frosinini claimed that the dark stains were widely utilized at the time, so it was not possible to demonstrate these vestiges belonged to The Battle of Anghiari.

The wider audience became fascinated in The Battle of Anghiari in 2002, after Seracini, (she operates a Florence – based center called Editech Art & Science SRL) found a cleft behind the Giorgio Vasari artwork where he pondered the Leonardo fresco might be. At that time, Seracini claimed it might become “ one of the most prominent art discoveries of all time,” & he started utilizing modern imaging innovation to reveal what lay beyond the Vasari.

Existing corroboration of what The Battle of Anghiari may have looked like lives on primarily within the frame of a full scale cartoon by Leonardo, in which he created an etching opus filled with engaging swords, assailing stallions & tormented men. Its subject could be a 1440 fight that took place amid the Wars of Lombardy in which the Florentines dominated triumphant over the Milanese.

Leonardo faced competition from his opponent Michelangelo. Who was appointed to create an artwork of a distinctive strife, The Battle of Cascina.

Neither artists materializes to have created a complete project, though researchers know what Leonardo’s would have looked like because cartoon & drawings of it by other artists, incorporating Peter Paul Ruben & Gerard Edilinck hinged on Leonardo’s preliminary picture are now clenched by the Louvre & London’s Royal Academy of Arts, individually.

There are less than two dozen depictions with globally acknowledged Leonardo characteristics , & where The Battle of Anghiari to be found, it seems to have major repercussions for grant about the artist. While art chroniclers currently assume there is little corrobation that the artwork was ever perceived, that is unlikely to stop individuals from attempting to discover it. “The fascination to “find” a new Leonardo is vast, contemplating that he painted very little,” Fiorani claimed.

As for Seracini, he plans to proceed his journey to reveal new confidential facts about The Battle of Anghiari.

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