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Let’s Follow life threads of Gandhiji : In a Truthful & Non-Violent way

The Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi is not only a person, but an eternal ideology. Let’s know at the 150th birth anniversary of Bapu(Father of the Nation) that by which  life formulas we can change our life.

Positive effect on performance, concentration and productivity. Set the time for sleeping, eating and drinking and exercise. No big dream can be achieved without adhering to discipline. The risk of heart attack, depression decreases can be followed by Speaking of truth which even  increases our  confidence.

Do not lie to fear of being unpopular, do yoga so that control over anger.

‘Truth is my God and non-violence is the way to feel it’ is the game changer Quote of life.Try it ! You must not be a looser but absolutely shall be established as a Achiever.

Keeping cleanliness is a good place to sleep, we also survive from many diseases. Throw garbage in the right place, reduce the use of plastic as much as you can is one of his life’s best quote which no India also has initiated in the name of ‘Swachh Bharat’.

Cleanliness is more important than political freedom. Increasing your creativity and decreasing the level of ‘stress hormones’. Do not avoid new things from fear of failure and you should not also  talk negatively. The hug of new learning is considered to be the most beneficial exercise for the brain. Identify the good qualities and skills of the people around them, follow them.

 Life is such that it is the last day of life. Learn to live like this. It is important to act, not to think about the success of your hard work, provided you are doing right.


(By Anjan K Samal)


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