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Life Lessons from the stories of great leaders.


Every house has walls and of course, every life has stories to narrate but of what the stories are happened, happening and will happen is dependent upon the ground of process they are living and how they are establishing. Chessboard consists of both black and white and, both have the opportunity to win or accept the failure. Likewise, the lives of humans have both dark and brighter walls. Both the walls are present in the house of the life of a human. Here, the big deal becomes how to face the wall and with what direction.


Here, it’s about the three human on how they’ve faced their turmoil, lead their dreamt lives and directs the rests with their insight principles.


Mahendra Singh Dhoni, an Indian Cricketer who lives in the young souls has too had an untold story. His phrases were the direction he faced his wall of life. Being honest to oneself and to one’s life is the first thing he considered to be the primary objective of life. According to him, life should be treated in a practical manner, it has to bear with numerous risks but at the mere time, one should be calculated with the risks and the process. Respecting elders is a key component that to followed till the end. Humble response to everyone despite the job one holds is essential and being exact to everyone. If one has Time management then 24hours is a lot for the one. Focusing on today’s world, he said ‘People focus on the results than the process, and thus they meet failure so focus on the process as it is crucial and consider small things happening in the process and that will lead to the desired result.’

       ‘Tough period makes a better being’ – MS Dhoni



Kiran Bedi, the first Indian woman police officer. Her story teaches the betterment of journeying life despite the period of ‘not considering women.’ Her life was diagnosed in a different way by the people surrounding her. Her parents and siblings were her supporters and she encourages each one of the parents to be like her own parents. She says there are no secrets for success but a similar way to everyone who attains. Hard work, planning well being disciplined, working in an organized manner and support from the parents and friends are all one has to keep in mind while working on the journey. The habits, character and punctuality of a  person is needed to be taken seriously. And this thread of process will make the entire cloth of success.

 ‘The focus is what is right before you – to give it your best. It sows the seeds of tomorrow.’ – Kiran Bedi



Sushant Singh Rajput, a live performer living in millions of hearts across the world built a difference in minds of many. He started from nothing not even from zero but from integers. His ideas of life was an oscillator that made his little patches on Engineering and Civil Service preparation but hasn’t earned anything he dreamt. The reason for this he stated was he didn’t live in the present rather his vision was on the past and future that made him fall in failure. Once he recognized it, he figured out his talents and started his acting career from serials to films. According to him, two true things to success is Chasing the dream and Living the dream. He advises to stay in the present and enjoy the process to live wholly in the destination one dreamt of.

‘Whatever dream you have, be sure that it is going to happen, and then forget about it. Then you have to come back to the present and be there 100 percent.’- Sushant Singh Rajput




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