Book Cover: Life-Symphony: The prism of a conscious soul
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Life-Symphony: The prism of a conscious soul

It is indeed a notion that has been running since the vigorous usage of Information and Technology has overtaken the world that younger generation lack brains and values! This is merely an injected myth by some brains striving hard to suffice the generation gap they faced. When anything in asked the voices logically, they are shut coining them arrogant. It is a high time to question. This generation of youth is in the questioning mode of the illusionary beliefs that have been injected into the psyches in the name of religion or traditions. This book by Mohit Agarwal roots down to the starting point of a man’s thinking.

This book, Life-Symphony talks about various topics that are part of everyone’s life, but frequently being taken for granted or just believed blindly. In the chapter Wisdom, author Mohit talks about the power of knowledge, conscious data gaining, perseverance, hard work and self-discipline to achieve success. With amole examples from all fraternities, including movie actors the explanation he narrated ignites a thought of self-discovery.

Title: Life-Symphony: The prism of a conscious soul

Author: Mohit Agarwal

Publisher: Evincepub Publishing

Likewise, the chapter parenting and the contents in it are so appealing that it does down to the point that there is a difference between raising children and merely becoming parents. Also, the author pointed the importance of being transparent and communicative with the teenage and young adults in the family, giving them a lending shoulder of help and courage in times if extreme help, be it physical or mental stress.

The book, Life – Symphony gives a vivid picture of India, its practices since ages that were developed for the well-being of human lives and the forgotten elite values from our epics due to many invasions are incredibly explained in the book.

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