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Literature : A brief note and Gen Z

Literature has had a major impact on the development of society. It has shaped civilisations, changed political systems and exposed injustice. Literature gives us a detailed preview of human experiences, allowing us to connect on basic levels of desire and emotion.
|| Sunita Paul

However, just as it has constructed societies, the writings and works of certain authors have degraded societies to their most primitive form.

“Literature is thought provoking; it allows us to raise questions and gives us a deeper understanding of issues and situations.”

In an era of modern media, such as television and movies, people are misled into thinking that every question or problem has its quick answer or solution. However, literature confirms the real complexity of human experience. Literature is the study of human nature. We see human nature through tragedy and romance, joy and sorrow, in epiphanies and denial, in moments of heroism and in moments of cowardice.
Today’s youth realises the true depth of human emotion and behaviour. They understand that there is more to a person than what they display on the exterior.
They see the intricacy of human experience, giving them an open mind and an open heart. However, today’s youth can only reach this point of enlightenment through seeking knowledge – by being well read and cultured individuals.
Students also recognised literature’s role in influencing human thought.Students are intrigued by the works of art and drama, they love to read plays and investigate contemporary works. These kids are smart.
So, the significance of literature has been confirmed, both over time and human understanding. However, despite student awareness of the importance of literature, is today’s youth seeking that deeper level of knowledge?
According to the recent study, the response is promising about 50-60 percent of the youth are reading and doing a major in literature.
However, graduates with a degree in literature have plenty of opportunities in their careers. Not only does literature improve your understanding of others and communication skills, both characteristics sought after in the workplace, but it also presents you with many promising careers.
A degree in literature can get you into journalism and broadcasting or teaching. It can also work as a compliment to a degree in business or as a step towards studying law.
To me the purpose of life is to grow. Grow and become better people, better listeners and to connect better with those around us. No other field can teach us this better than literature.

Sunita Paul

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