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Muscle and bone pain in children due to burden of bags and for using smart phones
|| Anjan K Samal

In a recent study of AIIMS  , it has been revealed that the burden of baggage not only does weaken the muscles but also weakens the bones  of school children.

63 percent of children in government schools were spotted to have muscle and bone pain. The biggest reason for this in the study was attributed to the heavy carrying of children in the form of school bags.

The doctor who studied  that the problem of bone pain is being seen in children even after watching television and using the phone for a long time.

The said study was conducted by AIIMS Department of Rheumatology from April 2018 to March 2019.

Dr. Uma Kumar, HOD,Department of Rheumatology of AIIMS informed that this study was done on 1600 children from 10 schools covering the South Delhi. 10 to 19 year old were included in it. During the study, 63% of the children were found to be suffering from pain.

32% of the children were suffering from backache. Most of these children had this type of pain for over a year.

The study also did unearth that children who carry more heavy bags were found to suffer more from pain. The number of children with pain was found twice  of children whose weight was less.

Dr. Uma Kumar said that the lack of needed food for the children also causes pain in the muscles and bones. He urged that children should be given nutritious food especially for school goers. Dr. Uma put forwarded that children were included in the study who were doing less than one hour of physical work daily and used smart phones and watching TV for more than two hours every day and that to at least five days a week. In all such cases the study found the consequences of
muscle and bone pain. It is possible while Sitting in the same position for long hours watching TV and using smart phones affects muscles and bones.

Pollution can cause disease of arthritis

Pollution can cause arthritis disease. This was also revealed in the study of AIIMS. The study was carried out on 350 healthy patients living in Delhi for the last 10 or more years. Elements of arthritis-like illness were found to increase in 20% of people due to pollution in the capital city.

Dr. Uma Kumar said that he had taken blood samples of 350 healthy people between the ages of 18 and 60 years living in Delhi for the last 10 years.

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