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Lockdown diaries by Niharika Parmar

Like any other year, we started 2020 with big plans, great zeal and lots of positivity but “2020” had some other plans for us. The world was hit by Novel COVID-19 which was very unfortunate for humankind. We have lost many lives and still struggling to find a way out.

Another unprecedented experience 2020 gave us was Global Lockdown. It was stressful for most and fruitful for few. For me, I would say, lockdown gave me the much needed break from this “rat-race”. I found sometime for myself, my husband and my 2 year old son. It helped me to self-introspect, to discover my lost interests all over again. Books became my companions again, nature started to fascinate me more, I rediscovered my fondness for music. With no option of eating out, I realized my passion for baking at home, to the extent that I am planning to pursue it professionally someday. In last couple of months I have realized how self reliant I can be! Accepting myself for what I am than being someone else to please the world.
The sense of gratitude has filled my heart. Gratitude towards the people, the warriors who are working 24*7 to serve mankind, gratitude towards the Almighty for making me able to take care of my family and be able to help the needy ones.

We have witnessed different nations are tackling this menace in their own way. Though, being a Fauji Family, our lockdown is little different from others. We are not advised to leave our cantonment for any reason. We have our little world here with all the flavors from different parts of the country who stand by each other’s side like a rock , like a family. I must say, I am blessed to be a part of one ! We have the opportunity to work from home but our husbands are going to the office and working round the clock as they say “Nation Comes First”. What else can be expected from our real life heroes who can risk their lives but not their country’s pride.

Now, as the nation has started the “Unlock process” , we still continue to stay under Lockdown to ensure that this deadly virus doesn’t cripple the pillars of the nation’s strength. And we here stand together as One!

I really hope when all this ends, we realize that ” We are not necessary, The air, earth, water and sky without us are fine. When we come back, remember we are guests, not the masters ” Compassion towards every fellow creature and nature is what that matters the most at the end!

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