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Looking for a JOB? Finally, Youth Unemployment gets recognition

Youth is the most significant part of the nation. Alone youth has the power to drive and accelerate the populace, the youngsters alone can make the condition of a country betterand make it worse too. It is important to direct the youngsters in the right direction and make sure they work effectively, creatively, and productively all at a single time.
||  Ria Syal

Youth Unemployment refers to a situation in which educated youth in the age group of 15-25 are deprived of jobs. To eradicate the problem of youth unemployment, various government officials have started to make arrangements in order to wake up the sleeping beauties(the ruling parties, who is taking no pain in acknowledging the respective topic) in power and work on this issue.

What our Government Officials have to say regarding the topic?

On Wednesday, Samajwadi Party president Akhilesh Yadav criticized Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and his BJP government, urging the youth to switch off the lights at 9 pm for nine minutes to demur against growing unemployment. Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Wednesday also declared that youth are boosting their opinion over stalled recruitments, examination dates, and additional jobs, as she underlined the need for sustaining their “fight” for employment.

The youth of this country want to make their voice heard, Priyanka Gandhi announced in a tweet in Hindi handling the hashtag ‘9 baje9 minuteyuvaonkibaat’ and ‘stop privatization save govt job’.

“Today, all of us need to support the youth in their fight for employment,” she added.

The Congress has walked up its censure on the government over the state of the economics and alleged rise in unemployment after the gross domestic product (GDP) omitted by 23.9 percent in the primary quarter this year as the coronavirus-related lockdowns hefted on the already-declining purchaser demand and investment.

“When the youth comes together, it gives sleepless nights to those in power. Let us light the torch of revolution by switching off the lights for 9 minutes tonight, at 9 pm tonight, in this darkness of unemployment we should stand with the unemployed youth and their families,” tweeted Yadav.

“Our youth is talented and educated but they are sitting jobless, while our government is not doing anything for the youth. It is solely the responsibility of the government to provide jobs to the educated and talented youth. The youth is suffering due to the incapability of the BJP government. Today by our protest to switch off lights for nine minutes at 9 pm we want the issue to be heard by the government,” said SP spokesperson Anurag Bhadauria.

Who is at FAULT?

‘I guess I’m just a play date to you’

Above the word ‘I’ refers to the youngsters, they are questioning the political parties, where the youth thinks their problems are not getting attention and the right solution. The parties are involved in the blame game, and not finding the solutions of the younger generation problems.

The youth of India has been suffering hard to get jobs even after earning well-reputed degrees. So, someone and more specifically the government, needs to take account of the root cause. Moreover, its high time and the youth needs to examine what is essential for them. They need to raise their voice. But it cannot be said that only raised voices of opposition parties would help in the eradication of unemployment. This would more or less turn out to be a political blame game. Instead of blaming one, another everyone should work together and hold the hands of the unemployed youth as they need the support of the community.




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