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Low Income Groups In Lucknow get access to affordable housing

The housing sector in India satisfies an essential need. Housing here is not only an important component of investment, it also makes up the largest component of wealth for families. However, housing options in India today are often found to be overly expensive, especially when you have a growing family. And even more so during the coronavirus pandemic. Affordable housing, therefore, is not a handout. But a necessity. Affordable housing helps in improving the quality of life of residents, especially when the projects are designed with an urban plan in mind.

Factors such as close proximity to intra city and inter-state transportation enable residents to search for jobs. Commercial spaces near such complexes also give access to essential products and services as well as employment opportunities. Besides, affordable housing also builds sustainable communities. Well designed affordable housing development projects can have a substantial positive impact, it allows diverse communities to live in harmony; while encouraging other social interactions, reducing overcrowding and attracting local businesses.

Sahu City in Lucknow is one the most prominent affordable housing options with certification from Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. Offering 1 and 2 BHK apartments, Sahu City is a premier landmark location based centrally and practically to all the necessary amenities including hospitals, the airport, railway station and even education institutions.

Considering COVID-19 pandemic has slowed the growth of the real estate industry, consumer demand can be boosted again by offering more such affordable housing options. In fact, Sahu City is the only housing complex in Lucknow that makes use of steel reinforced concrete for extra and longer protection of the building structures. With a long term commitment to the entire value chain (and its customers) built on the back of safe, quick delivery and practical accommodations, Sahu Group connects with those that have a shared desire to engage and innovate. By creating a simple, fluid and inclusive urban area, Sahu Group designs and In this regard, Director of Sahu Group Mr. Neeraj Sahu said, “We own and have developed an irreplaceable portfolio of iconic properties located in some of the most dynamic areas of Lucknow. We believe in providing high quality assets to our clients on a value basis and drive investment performance through active operational improvements. We’re also planning on launching a new and diverse portfolio to branch out beyond the confines of the city of Lucknow. Which includes a couple of new projects that will be similar to what we offer at Sahu City. Affordability and advanced technology are key to managing a healthy and long term association with the customers of today. The millennial population is slowly understanding the importance of having real estate as a source of wealth – which is something we wish to capitalise on.” Construct buildings with intrinsic qualities that match the level of services they offer.

With its roots deep down since 1969, Sahu Group is a Lucknow based Corporate Business House with a diversified presence in fields like Hotels, Automobiles, Entertainment, Digital Color Labs, Marketing and Distribution of Electronics and Consumer Durables Electronics Stores, and Real Estate and Infrastructure development.

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