Magical September

Know your predictions from Shelka Sharma
The Universal vibration for 2019 is Three (2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 12 (1 + 2) = 3)-creative and fortunate! No matter what number your own Personal Year is, expect improvements in your financial situation, health, and relationships this year.
Each of us goes through nine-year cycles, sequentially from one through nine. After each Nine Personal Year, we start over with the next cycle and another One Personal Year.
Note: If your personal year happens to be three in 2019, the Universal Year Three energy amplifies your own creative energy.
Personal years are in effect from January 1 through December 31, of each year, regardless of when your birthday occurs in the year.
To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2019:
Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2019.
For example, if your birthday is November 24th,
Month (11) + Day (24) + 2019 = Personal Year
1 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 20 (2 + 0) = 2 is Your Personal Year in 2019

Find your WEEKLY FORECAST below according to your PERSONAL YEAR.

Personal Year 1

CHANGING GOALS OR NEW PERSPECTIVE. A Year of New Directions or Focus; Important Change or Move; Motivated to Become More Independent, Self-confident, Self-employed, Creative, Innovative; A Significant Year in Your Life; Perfect Timing

Personal Month 1: BIG MOVE. Potential for a great new opportunity; increasing optimism about the future; feeling of something dawning; a new perspective on a situation; a turning point or shift; decisive, active, self-confident; going to a new level; promotion, achievement, winning

GOOD TIMES. As September comes barrelling in, you could find yourself quite restless—looking for the action. A new goal or interest may begin to form this week. It suddenly hits home that you are actually at the beginning of a new nine-year cycle. Notice where you feel a “growing edge.” Education or a creative project could be calling you. It feels right now to make upgrades, launch a new product, promote yourself, change jobs, marry, or move. Issues involving ethics and integrity may arise.

You may be starting a serious relationship. In general, you tend to be in the driver’s seat. This is not the time to be a doormat, sugar-coat reality, or dismiss your true feelings. You have the courage to do something new—or kick off a plan. Despite worries, deep-down you trust yourself to handle whatever comes. You are ready for a change. AVOID: Procrastinating or blaming others for what is rightly yours to do. FOCUS ON: Thinking big.

Personal Year 2:

RELATIONSHIP MATTERS. Busy Social Life; Networking; Desire for a Loving Relationship; New Friendships; Possibly Saying Goodbye to a Friend; Issues with a Business Partner; Compromise, Negotiation; Being Patient While Things Unfold; Interest in Art, Design, Theater, Beauty, Psychology, Spirituality

Personal Month 2: COOPERATION. Relationship breakdown; need for patience; looking into something; attempting to please; setting limits or boundaries; obsessing about someone or something; many details, but little progress; issues with women, mother; falling in love, but not sure it’s reciprocated; feeling stifled

MATTERS OF THE HEART: Despite occasional low energy this week, efforts bring progress. If needing emotional support, don’t be afraid to ask for help in sorting options. If the pace of life seems intolerably slow, take it easy. Often things get sorted out, while we are thinking we should be more “pro-active.” Deal with anxiety by accomplishing small adjustments that increase balance. This is a great week to enjoy a hobby, or to get to know someone better. Practice affirming: Today I want to meet good people. (You may be surprised how quickly this works.)

With your connection-prone Two vibe, you could be getting engaged, tying the knot, falling in love, or getting fertilization treatments. If dating, join other like-minded people at a fun event. Channel loneliness into self-care and time with friends. Reduce stress where possible. AVOID: Dwelling on past hurts. It’s over. FOCUS ON: Self-nurturing.

Personal Year 3

CREATIVE EXPRESSION. A Year Bringing Many Opportunities for Business Deals, Travel, Social Life; Happiness; Selling Ideas; Money is Easy-Come-Easy Go; Falling in Love; Having an Affair, or Having a Baby; Interest and Success in Sports, Hobbies, Painting, Performing, Writing, Music; May Travel or Take the Year Off

Personal Month 3: ENJOYING LIFE. Very social; short trips; imagining new goals; concerts, conferences, conventions, street fairs; time for reading, hanging out in cafes, learning to dance; juggling many appointments; dating someone who has another love interest; desire to spend money on personal items or procedures; desire to look younger and dress better; may win a little money; extravagant purchases; concerns about offspring

MAJOR HAPPINESS. This week has a special gift for you. A lottery ticket? New friend? Blind date?If feeling stuck, review your basic assumptions about the situation. How could changing your perspective broaden the scope of your endeavor? Instead of black and white thinking, create a third option. Cut short tendencies to worry or think you have to solve the world’s problems.

Spend time with people who are energy boosters, not energy vampires. Ideally you should be vacationing in the south of France or learning to surf. This is the time to rejuvenate. Married or single this is a great week for fun, adventure and joyful moments. Couple an intellectual intention with a feeling of joy to enhance manifestation. AVOID: Gossip. FOCUS ON: What interests you.

Personal Year 4

FOUNDATION BUILDING. Attention to Practical Matters; Working Two Jobs; Going Back to School; Paying Down a Loan; Building Savings; Tight Finances, but Necessities are Covered; Preferring Stability over Change; Marriage; Buying or Building Home

Personal Month 4: REALITY CHECK. Obstacles or delays necessitate a better solution; desire to get organized; may find a lost item; tendency to get locked into a situation that you don’t really want to deal with; repairs or replacement; purchases of practical items; feeling stuck

FANTASTIC RESULTS. Normally, Four is the voice of reason. Four whispers (in the middle of the night, when you wake up worrying) that you have to hang in there despite setbacks. This week you may finally get some good news. September, while bringing extra work, highlights exactly those places that need more attention. This is definitely the month and week to start getting organized. Notice that boost of satisfaction after you finish a task, especially one that you’ve been resisting.

Plans and decisions are more realistic and viable now. Married or long-term partners could be remodeling—the house or the relationship. If dating, you tend to throw yourself into work, rather than face the rejection of the dating ordeal. Dial back anxiety by hitting the gym or walking. AVOID: Becoming grim. FOCUS ON: Getting back on track.

Personal Year 5

PIVOTAL CHANGE. Desire for Action, Freedom, Adventure; Restlessness; Tendency to Overdo or Over-indulge; Many Irons in the Fire; Conflicts; Unexpected Changes; Moving or Traveling; Physical Setback or Improvement; Career Opportunities; Political Intrigues; Marketing

Personal Month 5: SUPER BUSY. Exciting, sudden change of plans; breakdown or break through; traveling; meeting new people from all walks of life; questioning a course of action; brief flirtations; more stress; vitality following an illness or surgery; arguments, breakup

EXPLORE OPTIONS. The dynamic combination of your Five Personal Year and Month could drive you a little crazy—or liberate you from a situation that you have been wanting to change. Pay attention to what you hear or overhear. New data or ideas could inspire a whole new train of possibilities. It’s very likely that you are on the move, out of the house, up in the air, or out on the town—just not where you usually are.

Love life is up and down. Avoid over-reacting. If dating, you have a chance this month to explore your wild side (or an enticing invitation). Finding love is a numbers game. You likely do something out of the ordinary this week. AVOID: Being stubborn, brutally honest, or short-tempered with a loved one. FOCUS ON: Being more spontaneous and taking time to smell the roses.

Personal Year 6

RESPONSIBILITY AND FAMILY TIES. Marriage and Family Concerns; Job Stability; Moving or Leaving Home; Less Desire to Rock the Boat; Concern for Your Health or that of a Relative; Issues with Offspring; Community Activities; Home Renovation; Education; Service

Personal Month 6-COMPROMISES. Domestic issues; duties; renovation; elder care; problem-solving; emotional burdens; tiredness; health concerns; scheduling demands; group activities; love, marriage, happiness, birth of child; a child off to college (empty nest); new home

CAUSE AND EFFECT: Service is the name of the game now. This week you could be making decisions on behalf of others. You feel an urge to take over and get things in order. Everyone suddenly needs your attention, care, or guidance. Despite worries, the flow of good things is obvious. Activities tend to involve groups and programs, or even rescue and recovery.

With domestic matters strongly accentuated, you could be working from home, remodeling, getting engaged, married, having a child, or fostering a pet. Life is good when you feel a sense of usefulness and purpose. In moments of reflection, you feel a deep sense of gratitude for all that you have. AVOID: Feeling like a martyr about something to which you agreed. FOCUS ON: Good sense, kindness, comfort.

Personal Year 7

SABBATICAL. Time Out; Rethinking True Goals; Possible Enforced Rest; Rejuvenation; Spiritual Interests; Specialized Information; Writing; Research and Analysis; Traveling or Living Solo; Unusual Events; Insights; Synchronicity; Feeling Alienated; Test of Faith

Personal Month 7: INTUITIVE DECISIONS. Desire for peace and quiet; enjoying moments of solitude; re-thinking what is really important; receiving a diagnosis; healing; time in nature; discovery; reflection; editing a creative project; buying or learning a new technology; waiting

AN INTUITIVE  SOLUTION. No matter what is happening this week, quiet moments of reflection help restore energy and allow you to tune into your next steps. This is a time when you must have faith that what is unfolding has an underlying purpose. Everything is directing you to where you need to go. Intuition is your navigator. It’s likely you are dealing with a big question or suspicion. Perhaps others are avoiding a discussion.

You tend to enjoy having time alone now to pursue your own interests. Yes, you love everyone, but you also need to rest and resuscitate. Either you or your mate may be away from home. In general, you can’t help doing a little soul-searching. AVOID: Beating yourself up for an unhealthy habit. FOCUS ON: Relaxing as much as possible without feeling isolated.

Personal Year 8

CAREER, POWER, MONEY ISSUES. At the Top of Your Game; Big Financial Transactions; Encounters With Authorities, Rules; Consequences; Need for Focused, Logical, Business-like Thinking; Using Good Judgment; Avoiding Over-extension; Bankruptcy or Paying Off Debt; Buying or Selling Property

Personal Month 8: FINANCIAL OUTLAY. No time to rest; buying, selling, renovating property; marriage or divorce issues; questions about inheritance; potential lawsuits; loss or gain; new job; promotion; awards; higher echelons; expensive vacation or wedding; vehicle expense

CONVICTION. The need to appear strong, confident, and creditable has never been stronger. September advances your material position. This week you may initiate important actions, as you realize that time is moving on. Rewards or extra income could arrive due to all the hard work you did in the past eight months. You still have a strong platform for going to the next level. Since double Eights (both month and year) could indicate power struggles or financial problems, you may be involved in contracts or litigation.

You and your sweetie may be making a big decision around career, house, education, health, or debt, (or a diamond ring). Weddings during this influences are generally expensive. Power struggles with relatives could also flare up. Set goals with reasonable but accountable deadlines. Get serious about health and fitness. It’s time to invest in yourself. AVOID: Brushing problems under the carpet. FOCUS ON: Recognizing and using your strengths.

Personal Year 9

COMPLETION OF AN ERA. Letting Go and Moving On; End of a Nine-Year Focus of Effort; Retirement; Finalizing Deals; Euphoria to Sorrow; Passing of Older Relative; Inheritance; In or Out of Love; Humanitarian Activities; Desire to Travel, Down-size, or Upgrade

Personal Month 9: MIXED FEELINGS. An ending; closure; completing a big project; falling in love; a pivotal discovery; revelation; ability to forgive and move on; situations calling for tolerance, understanding, acceptance, and generosity; a time to accept what you cannot change

COMPLETION. With double influences of dynamic Nines in September, life could be a roller coaster ride or a bit flat. This week begins a time of reckoning. Losses are usually offset by spectacular gains. This week starts in one direction and ends in a very different mindset. Events (weather?) out of your control could be seriously upsetting. In the face of turmoil, you can see a light at the end of the tunnel. You may receive visits from travelers or traveling yourself.

With super strong aspects for completion, you could be laid off, retiring, or moving to a better situation. During this emotional and loving period, you are more able to overlook flaws and give others the benefit of the doubt. Contrarily, you could be breaking up. In general, take advantage of your inner urge to purge (closets or your head space). AVOID: Rising to the bait. FOCUS ON: Generosity, compassion, and gratitude for all the abundance in your life.

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