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Managing the Covid stress

In these times of distress and uncertainty of life, we often blame the acts of humanity, the technologically advanced humankind for the situations we are facing. The digital media is full of videos that depict that we humans have done more harm than good to the mother nature in our pursuit to better our own past achievements.

While everyone has craved for a holiday free from any work worries to pamper themselves with what they like to do the most and had been yearning to do it in such a holiday, most of them find themselves unable to take it any longer. Home sweet home feels like a cage.

Such adverse situations make us dispirited in our daily activities. This way of feeling is ingrained in the way we think. However, we should keep our spirits high in these times. An apt way is to search for positivity in all the information exchange that we are continuously experiencing.

Lets understand it this way, had we been not so technologically, medically advanced as we are today the pandemic would have been more devastating. Today we have been able to control the spread of virus by border closures, movement restrictions, home confinements, medical aid to patients. Supercomputers have worked in reducing the time to understand the virus and the possible medicines that could be effective in the treatment.

Yet another brighter side to this situation is the cleansing of mother nature. With factories not spewing out pollutants, vehicles not plying on the roads, the air and rivers are much clean. What billions of dollars and years of concentrated efforts of specialists couldn’t do to clean up the environment that such a pandemic shock has done in matter of couple of weeks.

Lets re-frame our perspective to look for the positivity, rather than the negativity in and around ourselves. Charles Dickens puts this well: “Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has many, not your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.”

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