New Delhi: Union Minister of State for External Affairs MJ Akbar,shamefully  surrounded by bunch of allegations of sexual harassment under the #MeToo-India campaign, has returned to India from abroad.

Union Minister MJ Akbar, who was on official tour to Nigeria, returned to Delhi on Sunday morning. The Minister of State for External Affairs said that why did this storm of sexual allegation take place just a few months before the general elections? Is this an agenda?

These false and baseless allegations have caused irreparable damage to my reputation and goodwill.

I will take the appropriate legal action against this allegations of sexual exploitation imposed on me senselessly. He put forward that the allegations of misbehavior against me are false and fabricated. All these allegations have been hatched with malice.

I was out on the official tour for which I could not answer before. The Minister of State for External Affairs remark this #meetoo-India campaign as a disease of framing allegations without any reason and evidence. Now I have returned back and my lawyer must look into this matter of allegation as per the the law of this land.


Under the #MeToo-India Campaign, about 10 women journalists have accused MJ Akbar of sexual harassment. These women journalists also include a journalist from rest of the world.Earlier, as soon as MJ Akbar reached Delhi and got out of the airport, the journalists questioned the charges against him, in response to which he said that I will issue a statement later. Significantly, MJ Akbar is alleged to have sexually assaulted by several journalists and Editors.

On the other hand, it is believed that the central government and the BJP can take a decision soon after seeing the pressure of Union Minister M.J. Akbar’s resignation. According to sources, in this entire case the BJP wants to hear the side of Mr. Akbar. This is the reason, Central Government is not putting forward anything about the Minister of State for External Affairs, MJ Akbar. According to the information, after returning from his foreign tour, the BJP will now ask for explanation from Mr. Akbar.

In the last few days, many women journalists have accused him of sexual harassment, while the #metoo-India Campaign also vigorously trended on social media. However, the BJP has kept quiet in the matter but some women ministers have also given their support to the #metoo campaign. Party leaders say that at first Akbar has to answer the allegations framed against him.Not only that, Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj herself has refused to speak on this matter. At the same time, sources in the government say that first of all,the government will try to understand the party’s stand on

Union Minister MJ Akbar and also give him the opportunity to speak for himself.In this #meetoo  shocker, another Central Minister has stated her version. The Central Minister urged, “The matter is of the times when he was not a part of the Central government. So, it is a matter between MJ Akbar and the women. The government can say nothing on this,” 


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