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Million of jobs will fall in ruination that creates an uncertain future in India

COVID-19 had made an immense impact on healthcare and economic recession. Economic Recession had built a huge crisis in India for job seekers. The Global Consultants has submitted a report that India is set to lose around 130 million jobs due to the Covid-19 lockdown.
Haritha Senthilkumar

Most of the Indian workers have been prohibited in other countries and they’ve been sent back to India and here the Indian government is on the process of providing jobs to these people.

Employment is becoming a confusion and leads the job seekers to a question during this time of pandemic conditions.

Most of them are youngsters seeking an opportunity and this issue had given them a great depression to seek an opportunity.

“Once the lockdown restrictions were relaxed in May, several companies resumed operations, but with only skeletal strength. Now many have been opting for layoffs. About 50 per cent of the workers have lost their jobs” said J Ruban, general secretary. But still, it’s ruining in the opportunities for job seekers.

The most suffering capital crisis is Aviation, Automobile, Travel and Tourism, Food, Entertainment, Manufacturing.

Delhi Labour Minister Gopal Rai announced that the Delhi government will soon launch the job portal to make job opportunities to the people who’ve lost jobs. He said that the portal will act as a common platform for companies looking to hire and job seekers. “We have managed to arrest the spread of Covid-19 in Delhi. Now there is a need to bring the city’s economy back on the fast track,” said the minister. Before a week of this announcement,The Maharashtra government too have launched the same job portal.

75,000 workers lost jobs as Vellore’s leather industry goes into layoff mode.

“The impact of the pandemic on workers is very severe with the international supply chain getting affected. Most of them are from socially backward sections, and do not have alternative employment,” notes Pradeep Krishnan, project coordinator of CIVIDEP, an NGO working for the welfare of workers.

“Many first generation workers had a lot of hope but the pandemic has dashed it,” he added.

More than 3/4th of those were lost jobs and mainly they are wage labourer and small traders; Tamil Nadu is among the worst-hitstates, the report said.

The average employment reduced from an estimated 404 million during 2019-20 to 396 million in March 2020. In April it came down to 282 million (122 million estimated job losses).

According to a report released by the management consulting firm Ernst & Young in December, a combination of globalisation, demographic changes and new-age technologies will change the face of Indian industries. Even existing jobs will evolve and 37% of the workforce will likely be deployed in roles that will require radically changed skill sets.

The report is based on questionnaires shared by Ernest & Young, followed by interviews with 130 business leaders, academics and representatives of multiple industries.

In consequence, the future vision for the job opportunities can be retrieved from the Multi-National Companies who are trying to invest in Indian Markets that in turn give opportunities for the job seekers. This is the way to solve the economic crisis in India.

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