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Miracle in between Rescue Operation:An innocent Baby rescued Live from the Rubble

A four-storey building collapsed & fell on the ground on Wednesday in Mumbai.

–By Dharmendra Singh

Forty to fifty people are expected to be buried. As soon as the incident happened, police and relief rescue teams reached there. Local people are also helping to find out people trapped in the rubble.

Meanwhile, there is a miracle, in between the rescue operation, the police pulled out a small child buried in the rubble who was absolutely alive. When the building collapsed, many people were buried under debris.

Where the building falls, it is a very narrow area, so there is a lot of difficulty in running rescue operations. Meanwhile, the local people are helping the police and the relief rescue team. When there was an attempt to evacuate people in the rubble, a small child was rescued out of the rubble.

It is expected that the child will be fine, although there is still an official statement likely to come in this regard. When asked about the incident, near by people said that this building is about 100 years old, in which 30-40 people were buried. When the building collapsed, it seemed as if an earthquake.

According to the local resident, there are about 8-10 families living here.


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