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Missed call crusade in support of CAA by BJP

Disapproval against CAA are being taken place in many states across the country. Consequently, Rallies are also being organized in favor of CAA. Both the Opposition and Government are opposing and supporting CAA in their way and style.
|| TAC News Bureau

People in support and protest are trended in social media by sharing their views with #tag. To show the number that how many people in the country who support the Citizenship Amendment Act-2019, the Bharatiya Janata Party issued a mobile number a few days ago especially to link people of this country who support CAA.

BJP claimed that by making a missed call on this phone number, anyone can give his/her support on the decision of the Modi government regarding the new citizenship Act of the country. To get as many as missed calls on this number, some people are posting this number in different social media sites Many people are also making claims to have huge support with maximum missed calls to this phone number.

On other platforms of social media including Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp, it is being claimed to have many features in exchange for dialing this number.

Many fake accounts have been created in the name of some girls on social media to avail of more missed calls. With whom the BJP’s mobile number has been posted, it is written that you can call this number to talk with these girls.

The number was announced by the Bharatiya Janata Party on its official Twitter handle on 2 January 2020.

The party along with #IndiaSupportsCAA wrote in this tweet, “Make a missed call to 8866288662 to support your Citizenship Amendment Act-2019.”

After this, recently, Home Minister and BJP’s Executive President Amit Shah repeated the party’s message in a meeting held in Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

He said, ” Make a missed call to 8866288662 to support your Citizenship Amendment Act-2019and your support will reach to Narendra Modi. My sincere request to all of you to respond to the opposed team of Rahul Baba, Mamta, and Kejriwal. Give all of your support to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to support the CAA for the sake of giving justice and rights to minorities from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. Dial 8866288662 and convey your support to Modi Ji. ”

What will happen by collecting the number of supports from the Missed call?

Now the question does arise that while promoting this number, Amit Shah has told the party’s aim, but he did not say what will be the recognition of the data after submitting by people in support of CAA? Social media users are spreading this number incorrectly in a fake way to get more missed calls.

Most of the big leaders of the party also have promoted this number from their social media accounts.

But the ground reality is that now people are mocking about this number.

Netflix India has had to refute a misleading message being shared with this number.

A message for Netflix was posted on Twitter, ‘Call 8866288662 to watch free Netflix for six months. This offer is only for the first thousand people to call.

In response, Netflix India claimed, “This is a fake news.”

In this way, the number became a joke that BJP released in favor of CAA.


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