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Mixing is good: workout and pleasure

Why let the love be in the air?… load the love, give it power of a few pounds and let it work for you like a charm. For a change, let your sweat do the talking, body speak a different language, experience a complex facial expression which would be in both pain and gain at the same time. Decode each other’s body language in an entirely different environment and burn way more calories beyond your bedroom and beyond your imagination.
|| Minakshi | B Functional with Mini

If you are bored with the same old workout routine or suffer from lack of motivation grab and drag your partner with you and choose from a variety of workout options or simply you two can dance your way into fitness. Take your workout a notch higher with this routine and fall in love with your bodies and each other all over again, bond and relate to emotions with physical bonding and experience much more. There are many benefits of this latest fad on a hormonal level as well… sweating is one of the most rewarding and “I am gaining “ path to your fitness journey.

Well, if you ask me .. breaking a sweat while working out is cool, hot and sexy at the same time. Compliment and comprehend each other, set a goal and put all those muscles to use and let it work like a magic.

With summers approaching give swimming a shot be it a pool or open waters, it helps you lose weight, bond and up your sexual endurance. Partner up with anyone within your comfort zone, could be your family member or a friend or simply a gym buddy. Embrace your sweat, brace your core burn those calories and indulge in some talks, motivate each other and set the machines and your body on fire. Pick from cardio, strength, yoga or alternate as per your interest and get going and like most of us say “go with the flow”.

Nowadays get a customised workout plans that suits your current fitness and matches any occasion, gift your parents or family members to celebrate days like mothers day, fathers day and make them feel pampered and change their outlook towards fitness. Incase you do not wish to use external weights make use of your own body weight and give some functional strength training a try or simply indulge in popular HIIT programs. Count your sets, repeat your reps, help him/her with weights, rack and stack, jerk and snatch, posture and position, hammer and curl get it done and get it dusted.

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