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‘ Model Code of Conduct’ turned as if ‘Modi Code of Conduct’:Surjewala

The Congress spokes person Surjewala alleged that the imposed ‘Model Code of Conduct’ looks alike ‘Modi Code of Conduct’ after the Election Commission pronounced a clear clean chit to the Prime Minister Modi on the complaint lodged by Congress party.

Opposing the decision of Election Commission on the complaint of violation of Article 324 and MCC(Model Code of Conduct) that had lodged by the  congress  party ,Surjewala alleged in anger via a tweet,” Disappointed that the PM of India is allowed to go scot-free after rampant violation Article 324 & MCC .It is now crystal clear that MCC has become ‘Modi Code of Conduct’! There can be two sets of laws for the people.”

The Election Commission give a clean chit to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his speech in Wardha, in which he had criticized Congress President Rahul Gandhi indirectly for fighting elections from Wayanad and indicated that he had said that the number of voters in the minority community in Kerala’s parliamentary constituency is high for which Gandhi selected that constituency to win easily. However, in this speech he did not take the name of Rahul Gandhi. But on this, Congress had accused the PM complaining to Election Commission for violating the Code of Conduct for it.


There is a lot of resentment in the Congress when Prime Minister Narendra Modi  gets clean chit from the Election Commission. The Election Commission Tuesday gave a clean chit to Modi in the violation of the code of conduct.

(By Shyam Sunder)


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