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Motivational Strips announces semi finalists for Grow Your Buds Poetry Rendition Contest 2021

Bangalore: “Grow your Buds Poetry Rendition contest 2021” have been the greatest literary challenge for worldwide young aspirants of poetry. The contest won attention and admiration from all over the world with many students or rather young children between the age of 8 to 16 participating. The contest which was organized by Motivational Strips, the world’s most active writers forum jointly with Soundarya Educational Trust caught attention of worldwide media and schools. The founder of Motivational Strips Shiju H Pallithazheth claimed that the purpose of the contest was to unturn the hidden poetry talents among the children and prepare them to be greater writers and poets of coming years. He also declared in a social media live program that choosing the semi finalists of the contest was a challenge for the jury members which comprised of Author Mary Lynn Luiz from USA, Author Dr Raja Rajeswari Seetha Raman from Malaysia, Author Penny Wobbly from UK, Author Samuella Conteh from Sierra Leone and Author Nivedita Roy from Bahrain. There were a good number of students from schools of Gulf countries who covered a major semi final slot in the international category of the contest. The marks according to the jury were very closely interrelated and the performance of the participants had to be repeatedly watched to arrive at a justifiable and ethical verdict of the semi finalists. Motivational Strips Media spokesperson Author Sreekala P Vijayan claimed that the delay in the results occurred due to many marks being closely knitted to other participants on a uniform proportion. She added that it clearly indicates that much talents were innate in these children. The 25 participants who successfully sailed to the semi finals overcoming the hurdles of jury’s strict guidelines are as below

· Aarya Singh Indian School, Al Ghubra Oman

· Aishwarya Kalapparambath Indian School, Al Ghubra Oman

· Anika Govil Indian School Al Ghubra Oman

· Fida Ancy Indian Education School Kuwait

· Geetika Nambiar Indian School Al Ghubra Oman

· Gouri Reghu Indian school Al Ghubra Oman

· Mayugha Manoj Indian School Al Ghubra Oman

· Najma ahmad Indian School Al Ghubra Oman

· Neola Dsouza Indian School Al Ghubra Oman

· Rhyan Gorham Ponus Ridge Middle School USA

· Ryan John Samuel India Education School Kuwait

· Sita Lakshmi Kishore Indian school, Al Ghubra Oman

· Tia Rachel George Indian Educational School Kuwait

· Vitesh Indian School, Al Ghubra Oman Indian

· Ananya MadhuBhashini Study Hall School India

· Anjan K Gowda Soundarya Central School India

· Arjunveer Singh Air Force School J & K India

· Daisy R. K. P Senior secondary school India

· Dipanpreet Kaur Mountain Mary School India

· Inaya Shrivastava St. Columbus school India

· Priyadarshini Khan B.D Memorial school India

· Sannidhi Kulkarni Soundarya Central School India

· Sharanya Patra VIBGYOR HIGH India

· Sushumma Bhadauria The Manvendra Global school India

· Tamanna Deb Montfort School India

The forum Director of Motivational Strips Sabrina Bryant and Soundarya Educational Trust CEO Keerthan Kumar applauded and congratulated the semi finalists. Mr Keerthan said that Soundarya Educational Trust plan to do more of such international literary contests jointly associating with Motivational Strips. He said many college webinars are also planned for university students by involving quality writers and poets from Motivational Strips, and added that the matter has already been discussed with Shiju H. Pallithazheth.

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