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Movie Review: Ujada Chaman

Dilo ki baat karta hai zamana, par mohabbat aab bhee chehre se shuru hoti hai.
The essence of this complete film is hidden in this above line. Along with the essence, the message that the director, Abhishek Pathak hungers to convey through this film to the Audience of Bollywood.
Review by Karamvir Kamal

“Ujda Chaman” as the name of the film which itself advocates, that this film hinges on the problem of hair as a part and parcel of Hero’s life in this film. The story of the film begins with the Kohli family, who lives in Delhi’s Rajouri Garden. The film revolves around the marriage of Chaman Kohli (Sunny Singh), which is not easy due to his baldness. Chaman Kohli’s mother considers her son as the most beautiful boy in the world and in the hope that she continues to search for girls for his wedding.

Chaman Kohli is 30 years old but he has not married yet. Chaman Kohli wants his wife to need to be beautiful. Then an astrologer (Saurabh Shukla) tells the Kohli family that if Chaman will not marry till the age of 31, he will turn a monk in the future course of his life ahead.

Chaman Kohali is a professor of Hindi subject in the college of Delhi University. Where many of his students often make fun of his baldness. Chaman is also troubled alike his parents due to not being married. He desperately wants to get married as soon as possible.

Chaman Singh meets the first-year student studying in his college, but she is very poor. Chaman also takes chances to make friends with his college colleagues. Distressed Chaman Singh takes the help of a social networking site through which he meets Apsara (Manvi Gagru). In a very dramatic way, the family of Apsara and Chaman comes close to each other and the matter reaches up to the point of the wedding.

But do both of them get married? Is there any other issue between the two? To know all about the complete story, you have to watch this film once.

The film is a Hindi remake of the Super hit Kannada film ‘Ondu Mottayya Kathe’. In this film, the director has tried to give the message that the beauty of the mind is more important than the beauty of your looks. Also, any person who is suffering from such problems like baldness or obesity brings confidence in him after watching this much interesting movie.

There is a dialogue in this film in which Sunny Singh urges “Kami to me mein”(The Problem is Within me).  Another character of the film is Raj Bhai, who is a peon in the college and his family life as is shown in the film also gives a good social message.

A Punjabi family’s story is shown in the film which suits. All the actors have acted well. In the character of Chaman Kohli, the hero Sunny Singh seems a little lack. The bold manvi of Four More Shots Please! Movie looks very cute in this movie. Saurabh Shukla’s guest appearance role as an astrologer is perfect. The background music and dialogue delivery of the film is a bit fast and noisy. The songs of the film are fine according to the film.

Rating: ☆☆☆ 3/5

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