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5 minutes fame Vrinda Singh live in IIT Jodhpur

Literature has always been an epitome of societal development and we have been blessed with such authors who have made us aware of those potentials. Whenever there has been talk about literature, we can’t undermine neither the importance nor the impact of youths. Those youths who channelize their energy and vigour into something substantial. And who could be better than the Murky Girl fame Vrinda Singh!
A postgraduate by qualification and an author by profession, Ms. Singh has created a stir in the literary fraternity. Apart from being a technocrat, she is the founder of Paperwiff, the country’s biggest writing platform. A woman of multiple attributes, she is also an avid blogger and through her blog, “In The Heat of the Moment”, she is on a venture to capture the obscured unheard voices and liberalise them to the biggest possible audience. She has revolutionised the country’s literary status quo by reaching the mass youth and cracked wide open their writing skills, providing them with a perfect platform to effectuate their literature dreams. Considering this dream to her guiding force, Ms. Singh is coming to captivate us with her new romantic thriller “5 Minutes” in the highly-awaited IGNUS 20 in the premises of the prestigious IIT Jodhpur.

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