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My routine during the lock down: Nikitha Nagaraj

Hi, My name is Nikitha Nagaraj. I’m from Bangalore recently crowned Ms. India curvy 2020 Face of the south.

It had only been a month since my crowning n I didn’t get enough time to soak in the title and utilise it to do more work when we were struck by the deadly corona pandemic.

Initially the lockdown was difficult for most of us as our mobility was restricted. However, the initial days passed by spending time with my daughter, watching Netflix series, trying out new recipes and playing indoor games. However, this also resulted in boredom and I started feeling a void for not being able to work, meeting friends or going out To do shopping . But I realised what I miss now may be inconsequential in terms of business success, but it does matter a lot for those who form part of our family. Have we ever spent quality time in listening to the thoughts of our children, cooking a favourite dish for our parents , and talking to our loved ones with affection and care or discussing the future plans with family members? No, because, we hardly devote time for such things as we always think we are born to compete with others.

Keep aside the competition let’s just say !!! Corona or no corona I’m enough I’m worthy I’m an achiever and I’m here for my family n loved ones I’m happy and I’m content.

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