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My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult : A Book Review

|| Bhoomika Mohan

My Sister’s Keeper is a very compelling novel that explores the bizarre behavioral problem of doing one’s best to a human being – but can one really choose between his or her children?

It is heartwarming, compassionate, compassionate and wonderfully written to bring serious illness forward and express it in a novel. The real test of a story is the sanctity of life, its precious, fragile nature, the identity we have individually in our bodies, and the respect we should have for others.

Sara and Brian have a child named Kate who has Leukemia and they decide to have another daughter, Anna, who they will eventually provide for Kidney and kidney transplants. Plans go awry when Anna decides that she is healthy and will make her own decisions about her body, and then decides to take legal action regarding her parents ’medical release.

As this moral battle is played between groups of lawyers and then in court, Kate Leukemia treatment is ongoing and you face all the obstacles and barriers that a Leukemia patient will suffer from. Not only physical suffering but also emotional and spiritual suffering.

Picoult writes about the views of a few different characters, which enable the reader to see the story more clearly. At first, the transition from character to character is a small one and one has to keep reminding oneself that it is a new character, but eventually one gets into the vibe of a book and does not want it written in another way. One thing Picoult did very well was to get someone raped. One does not really know who to support in such a case. Sometimes one finds oneself relying on Anna, and sometimes she desperately wants to shout in support of Sarah, a poor mother in this situation.

It is a well-written book. Lots of narrators and POVs, good metaphors, unforgettable quotes, good word play.

However, the characters and the situations in which they find themselves feel highly designed with the intention of finding the lachrymal glands of hard-working and perhaps overtime students. I love Picoult’s efforts to make his story interesting and informative by incorporating more details on leukemia, APL, fire fighting, kidney transplantation, bone marrow transplantation. It was all a thought-provoking reading.

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