Need to strengthen the law and order

The four accused of Hyderabad rape and murder case was encountered by the police ,but was this right punishment to them? In Our country the judicial system is so complicated that people scared to go for the justice. As all the judicial cases takes long time and common man get tired of it. some time the person who went to court for justice died before, he or she get justice due to non stop process of dates n hearings.
An encounter is not a permanent solution for any such case. It shows that our judicial system is so week and our police department work under pressure of power. Though death is the punishment for such a brutal cases but it should be under a system by court orders. So that it can set an example n fear for others to behave and be responsible citizen. Else powerful n department people will always take advantage of such excuses by showing encounter to close the case.

The judicial system should not be that complicated that common people lose their trust or faith on it. Those accused should be hanged till death to make law n order strong .Hyderabad accused got encountered under pressure but nirbhya case accused still alive though both the cases are same and brutal. If a person/boy can do rape and hurt the girl in such a brutal way as in delhi nirbhya case how can he get excuse of minor or be under age.

Encounter can be an option but it’s not the right solution. An innocent person can be encountered without any explanation if we start believing or encouraging such phenomena. It’s better to work on our judicial system n make it strict n equal for everyone that no one can dare to play with it . The court proceeding should not be long and complicated so that justice can be possible and strengthen common men believe in it.

By Keshi Gupta

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