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  In the Haryana assembly elections which were held in the month of October, the people in the state have given an astonishing and unexpected mandate.

||Karamveer Kamal (Editor -In-Chief)

In this election, the public not only wiped out the arrogance of the earlier Manohar Sarkar but also pushed BJP into the back foot to think and realize. The BJP, which had raised the slogan of crossing 75 Assembly seats has been squeezed to 40 this time. People of Haryana even squeezed the party in such manner that, alone the BJP couldn’t able to form the government.

The aftermath of this unexpected mandate, it’s BJP’s internal matter of post-election analysis but people of Haryana’s pre-election analysis forced them to vote whom they thought the best for the state. Believing on own style of work during the last 5 year, BJP overestimated with their daydream that can able to cross their goal of crossing the number of 75 Assembly seats.

In the entire election campaign, not mere the Center’s politics but even many top brasses of the centre including the Prime Minister and Home Minister themselves jumped into the rallies and public meetings in the last Assembly election of Haryana. In all of these rallies, less attention was paid to the work of the Manohar’s 5 years government and more attention was given to enumerating and convincing the central and national issues of the country.

Haryana has been the state where the most of youths are recruited in the Indian army, that is why the BJP, with put forwarding this logic, placed Article 370 and the issue of nationality to attract voters in the state. The people of Haryana were tried to convince that how beneficial the abrogation of Article 370 for the people of the state of Haryana.

But all of these attempts to convince the people didn’t work as people were really worried about their local issues and were not at all happy with Manohar’s last 5 years tenure.

The election results of this time tuned unexpected and shocking for the overconfident BJP in Haryana.

The way, the BJP was descended to 40 seats, was not at all expected. There is no doubt that the BJP lost against their wish and will only for the matter of their leaders’ overconfidence. Apart from this, there were some other reasons which led to the result of defeat to BJP.

Less percentage of voting, inappropriate ticket distribution, some politicians’ style of presenting their claims before the day of election are the combined factors that led to the BJP’s defeat in Haryana.



It is such a related question about which not only BJP but also the people of Haryana must bound to think again and again.

It’s the fact that people always vote after analysing the works of the standing government.Even many MLAs and Ministers of the last govt. Of Haryana couldn’t able to get their respective tickets and many standing MLA’s Assembly Constituencies were also changed.

This reflects that as per the party, either those MLAs didn’t work well or their image had been lost.

If we intend to analyse the works of the last government, it’s obvious that the only works have been done in southern Haryana and especially in Gurugram are the works on roads and flyovers.

Especially in Gurugram, many such works have been done but all such constructions lack appropriate quality and technology.

Whether it is about the quality of Hero Honda Flyover, Signature Tower or about the underpass of Gurugram or to run more buses under the km scheme in the Transport Department. Corruption is visible everywhere regarding which the opposition parties have been fingered on the ruling BJP in the state of Haryana. The scam in AB Cable of the electricity department or the scheme of providing 24-hour power by the smart grid system, in every project, the earlier government of Haryana found failed.


 In the Lok Sabha elections, the way the BJP government had promised to develop a smart city and Adarsh ​​village seems disappeared in the 2019’s assembly elections of Haryana. During the time of election campaign in the state, there was also a huge trend in social media concerning ‘Aadarsh Village’ when people of Haryana found this promise was merely a ‘Jumla’.

Whether the Union Ministers or all elected MLAs, no one could able to convince the republic of Haryana that how many villages have become ‘Aadarsh Villages’ and how many smart cities were planned and completed in Haryana. 

 Independent MLAs became a troubleshooter, formed the government with JJP

 Independents play a key role in every election, nowadays. This matter of fact has been proved again this time after the Haryana election results. The BJP in an unprecedented way got the support of independents when informing the Govt. By Bhartiya Janta Party. All independent MLAs declared their support to BJP to form the government. 

 Dushyant Chautala, president of the newly born regional party Jananayak Janata Party, which won 10 seats, also announced its support by opening its cards. With this, the BJP and JJP’s coalition government was formed in the state of Haryana.

In the political history of Haryana, JJP is the second political party of the Chautala family, before this INLD was the only major political party of Chautala family. Dushyant Chautala, the president of Jananayak Janata Party, has become the Deputy Chief Minister in this time of graceful government. After Diwali, the Chief Minister. Manohara Lal Khattar and Deputy Chief Minister took the oath of office and formed a new government in the state.

Thus, this will be the second innings under the leadership of BJP’s Manohar Lal Khattar in Haryana. Both parties were attacking each other in the election campaign. The electoral promises of the two are quite different. In such a varied situation, fulfilling the promises as per election manifestos is not only challenging but also very very important.


The popular Jannayak, Tau Devilal’s INLD became mere a history after this Assembly election. BJP has all ten loksabha seats and in this Assembly election INLD just achieved one-seat victory in Haryana.

INLD split into two due to internal infighting in the INLD family. Some joined the newborn JJP nad some others remained in the INLD.

Last time, the INLD was the supreme opposition party by winning as many as 19 Assembly seats but in this election, the Congress party turned as the prime opposition by winning 31 seats in Haryana.


 No one knows, what shall happen next in Indian democratic politics. Dr Ajay Chautala, once removed from his father’s party INLD, has now invited his father to join his son’s party. He has urged publicly that if his father wishes to join Jannayak Janta Party, the party must convey him the utmost regard.


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