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New consumer protection act 2019: Valuable to consumer and quality stitching of products

The world is running on advertisements for different products and this is one of the main sources of earning for some companies and covers the majority part of the digital marketing earnings.
Nayan Prakash

The government made some changes and updated the new consumer protection act of 2019. It is the ultimate replacement of the 1986 consumer protection act. Now, the consumers are given different options to file a case against any misbehavior or bad quality of food products, edibles,  clothes, etc. Under the ETIG analysis, the consumers are provided the right to file a complaint and know about the purchasing through different platforms like online marketing, television shopping, stores, and different other options.

Now, the companies will be charged huge fines with two years of police custody for misleading any consumer. If any celebrity advertises for the products without having licensed and knowledge about its harmful effects and genuine information related to the product then they will be fined a huge amount up to 20 lakhs and might face a ban from the government from different other advertisements.

There is a huge consumer market in India and by this 2021 there will be a boom to e-commerce, direct selling, and other online store selling. Thus, might increase the number of frauds related to product quality and delivery. The government has updated this act under this digital development issue because there are many cases when a celebrity or by watching different advertisements, the customer purchases the product but the quality of the product they found degraded and can’t be consumed. Sometimes, the product occurs some harmful effects on customer’s health and skin. Thus, the government planned to improve the law system with the improvement in digital marketing.

The government added that, if they found any misleading content or fake advertisements or other fake and false claims from the company in any channels then the company will be taken into custody with a huge fine on the channel. However, the market of products and e-commerce is increasing day-by-day with the increase in customers, there is something important improvement which is made by the government because it will not reduce the quality of the products and consumers will not face any problems while purchasing it.

Every person is suggested not to purchase any goods on the statement of a salesman. Just analyze, think, and apply, if found false then stop supply and complain.

This should be a simple step to follow by any consumer because the government has made the law. Now, it’s the turn of consumers how they will imply this and help themselves with the support of the government of India.

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