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New Innings of Rajnikanth’s Spiritual Politics

Renowned film actor Rajnikanth has created a stir in political circles by recently announcing his launching of a political party and contesting the Tamil Nadu assembly elections in 2021. The biggest feature of his political innings will be that his party will bring shocking and miraculous results while doing politics of spirituality.
|| Lalit Garg

Rajnikanth has full faith in the support of the public, ready to create a new history of the emergence of spiritual politics. Discussion of the control of spirituality over politics has been heard frequently, but its experimental form and an innovative revolution in politics will be seen as it happens, it is a shrill feeling.
The announcement of Superstar Rajnikanth to enter politics has made the realization of a new dawn in the field of politics while also highlighting the possibilities of taking politics to a new era. For the last 25 years, Rajnikanth has been rumored to be in active politics, but now Rajnikanth has said – ‘Do good, speak well, it will be good’, made it clear with this one sentence that the film dialogue is not just a silver screen In general, even in normal life, they can show the heroism in realization. Rajnikanth’s announcement will be the beginning of a new chapter in politics.

Tamil Nadu is a state in India where film stars always dominate politics. Rajnikanth’s ambition in politics has been revealed from time to time by his statements, first revealed when in 1996, VN, the adopted son of the then Chief Minister Jayalalithaa. At the exaggerated expense of Sudhakaran’s wedding ceremony, he had openly said that there is a lot of corruption in the government and such a corrupt government should not be in power. He has been opposing corruption and economic crimes in politics from time to time.


There is a spurt of widespread change in the politics of Tamil Nadu. Important pillars of the Dravidian movement and former chief minister DM chief M. Karunanidhi and AIADMK chief J. After Jayalalithaa’s death, the politics of Tamil Nadu came to a stand when new types of ideologies and new types of conflicts are taking birth in the state. As far as DMK President M.K. As for the strength of Stalin, the 2016 Assembly elections were fought under his leadership but he had to face defeat for the second time. Despite the anti-government wave, DMK was defeated for the second time in a row.

The Bharatiya Janata Party does not want to leave the ground for any party in the politics of South India. BJP wants to expand in South India too, will Rajnikanth or his political party be the spearhead of this expansion? There is already a BJP government in Karnataka. Neither the DMK nor the AIADMK have been the same. Now Rajnikanth’s announcement has created a new challenge for the DMK and the AIADMK. Kamal Haasan, the big face of Tamil cinema, has already made his debut in politics. Although the political strength of these two actors is yet to be tested, the political history of Tamil Nadu is being dominated by the cinema leaders in the state’s politics and Rajnikanth has a wide scope in view of the political legacy.

Rajnikanth who will do politics, it can be said that his politics will start a period of values and sensibilities. Development of self as well as development of society, this is collectivism and this is religion and this should be politics too. But it has been a misfortune of our politics that personalise issues continue to dominate there. Personal issues have never been a religion, so should not be politics. Life is meaningful, inspired by collectivism. Not only your benevolence, but also charity. Live for others, not for yourself. This is our responsibility as well as the debt, which we have to repay to our society and our motherland and this should be the priority of politics. Rajnikanth may write a new history by fulfilling this great need of politics.

There is a big question about Rajnikanth’s politics as to how the public takes a non-Tamil star in this state, which is very sensitive to Tamil identity. To what extent does Rajnikanth fill the political void after the departure of big names like Karunanidhi and Jayalalithaa? The question is also what is the future of Rajnikanth’s spiritual politics?

The 69-year-old Rajnikanth’s real name is Shivaji Rao Gaikwad, who has been honored with several national level awards. His special dialogue delivery, miraculous acting style and amazing acting took him to the height. The Tamils made them sit on their heads. Rajnikanth tried his best to express himself Tamil by marrying a Tamil girl from time to time on the issue of Tamil Nadu’s interests. Personality of worship in place of nation has been increased by Tamil politics. Now what Rajnikanth gives to his politics chapter, it is in the future. But it is certain that something new, something auspicious will happen in politics.

The politics of Tamil Nadu has been divided between the AIADMK and the DMK for two decades. But this does not mean that there was no possibility for a third party. The third possibility was revealed by film actor Vijayakanth. Rajnikanth is always a bigger actor than Vijayakanth, and he has no match in popularity. Given the history of success of the stars of cinema in Tamil Nadu politics, people are naturally very curious about Rajnikanth’s new role. Certainly something positive will happen in the perspective of politics.

Rajnikanth is likely to announce his party’s name and policies by the end of this month. But he listened to the sound of time, the feeling of doing something for the country, he woke up to find the truth, it is an auspicious sign towards making a new India. In Tamil Nadu, the politics of DMK’s core principles has been going on for a long time. MG Ramachandran or Jayalalithaa – they may have presented some change scenes. Rajnikanth’s announcement to enter politics will provide an opportunity to shape a new thinking in place of the original principles of the DMK. How will this be possible in the coming politics of this state? It cannot be said clearly yet, but at first glance Rajnikanth has the ability and efficiency that his popularity can break the record of previous actor-turned-politician ‘MGR’ and ‘Jayalalithaa’ because his acting skills have greatly influenced the youth of Tamil Nadu.

For Rajnikanth, who holds the image of a superhero, the announcement of his entry into politics is being seen as similar to that of a hero in a film ‘Climex’. It is too early to make any decisive announcement on his political success, because his political journey cannot be called flawless. It would be a mistake to believe that they will not get tough competition. Because he can certainly be given a tough competition by Mr. M. Karunanidhi’s DMK party. Even though this party is currently surrounded by familyism, its basic ideology cannot be far from the Tamilians who have fought against social injustice. It is so certain that AIADMK has no future now because its roots have dried up. Along with the struggle with the challenges of these provincial politics, Rajnikanth has a responsibility to reveal new directions for the rise of spirituality in politics by taking some meaningful initiatives towards corruption and crime-free politics of the country.

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