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New Political parties are fit as per the need of today

After 10 years of Congress rule, the manner in which the people of the state handed over power to the BJP made it clear that the people wanted change. During the last 5 years of BJP’s rule, BJP initiated many online processes.

On the issue of corruption and socio-economic development, the BJP Government in the state absolutely couldn’t able to perform as per the expectation of people. But the BJP Government only concentrated on the issues of Infrastructures.

The pending projects during the Congress rule on Road and Highway construction including Electricity were opened and worked out by the BJP Government.

The vision of SMART CITY and AADARSH GAON were highlighted during the BJP government in the center but not a single smart city has done in the state. And even there is not any AADARSH GAON has been adopted and developed.

Meanwhile, BJP also handled many hesitations like Jat movement, etc. If you look at the accounts of the last 5 years of the BJP, then only the network of roads and flyovers seems constructed. While the inner roads of many colonies are still covered in pits. In NCR, people cannot even get clean air to breathe. The problem of water and electricity ascends with the onset of summer.

In the issues of development. BJP’s own spokesperson claims that they could able to do only 80 percent of the needed development works in the state. But according to other parties, not a single inch of developmental work has been done by the BJP in the state.

According to BJP spokesperson and Malik, Bharatiya Janata Party with 47 MLAs is running the government today with the support of 62 MLAs. Meanwhile, in the matter of the Legislative Assembly, during these 5 years, the BJP has put many MLAs in its court. Apart from this, many MLAs themselves are also associated with his party.

Let’s know about the New Born Parties

But this is the time to talk about newborn parties. Meanwhile, new parties like Aam Aadmi Party and Swaraj India have also their entry into the political battlefields. These parties have registered their presence in an intellectual manner, completely denying the development work of the BJP.

Whether to analyze the performances of the BJP’s works for people or to express their opinion on the problem of the state, these new parties live up to all these issues. The way in which for the first time these new parties have started the practice of implementing the manifesto of an MLA is absolutely a new political philosophy in politics.

This new thinking leads to a new change, which might also encourage the state to be elevated to a higher place in the future coarse of time. The manifesto of an MLA was first initiated by the Gurugram candidate of the Aam Aadmi Party, after that the Swaraj India Party of Yogendra Yadav also started the same.

The processor tradition of getting an account of performances in advance of 5-year tenure as an MLA shows a new idea in itself. Each state makes progress on its own but to a large extent depends on the thinking of a party.

In such a situation, if the opportunity is given to these new parties, then perhaps the future picture of the states along with the elections will be something else.

In the present time, the government and the opposition are full of cursing each other in the name of issues. They have nothing to tell about the work they have done for the state and people.

The BJP, that provided liquor contracts and shops even if in lanes and villages including nearby schools and temples is now claiming to keep liquor contracts away from schools and temples in its manifesto. In such a situation, it is important to raise the question of why this work was not done in the last 5 years. The state’s health and education system are almost flat.

Whereas, contrary to all this, new parties and their style of executing their ideas in their manifestos seem that if the state is entrusted on these new parties, then maybe there is more progress in the state than before.

Time is changing today. People want to move forward by taking higher studies and also desire to move the rest of the world to touch the sky of glory. Whereas political parties still want to keep away from the main issues at the time of elections and keep people engaged in the issues of religion and Nationalism.

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