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No More shielding: BJP confiscated Pragya Thakur from defense committee

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh explained regarding relentless controversial statements of Pragya Thakur, but the opposition parties went on Boycott from the floor of Parliament, expressing their displeasure. 

|| Anjan Kumar Samal

At the same time, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi also urged in a tweet,” a branded terrorist Pragya described another terrorist Godse, in the history of India as a patriot. It is a sad day in the history of Parliament of India.”

  Sadhvi seems responsible for BJP into an awkward situation as the entire opposition got united on this issue inside the house of democracy. NDA’s accompany JDU has also expressed displeasure over this issue.

On the other hand, Congress is running a signature campaign, in which all opposition MPs, including the UPA, will be signed and it will be submitted to the speaker. It demands that Pragya should apologize to the House for her unwanted controversial statement or be expelled from the House.

The BJP has shown strictness on Sadhvi Pragya, who was involved in the controversy by allegedly advocating Nathuram Godse in the Lok Sabha. Loksabha MP from Bhopal therefore has been prohibited Pragya from attending the parliamentary party meeting during the winter session. She has also been removed from the Defense Affairs Consultative Committee by BJP Government .

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